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Corona Cigar Company 10th Anniversary Tres Capas Phatt Belly Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 16, 2012
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Corona Cigar Company 10th Anniversary Tres Capas Phatt Belly Cigar Review

This 6.5×52 torpedo stick features three wrappers in a barberpole spiral with a connecticut, maduro and candella sections. With just some small veins from the binder showing through, the wrappers are smooth, very evenly applied, it has a firm pack and dry slightly toothy feel, with a very strong barnyard aroma. First light revels a perfect draw with plentiful smoke output giving mild flavors of a slightly bitter grass, earthiness and wood through the short finish. The first third ramps up to a medium body, predictably with smooth short transitions seemingly from one draw to the next. Overall an earthy taste, there’s a pepper and grassiness that comes and goes, all with a smooth oily smoke and long finish. Burn and draw are perfect. 25 minutes in the 2nd third starts with a sweet leather, and a pepper zing through the finish leaving an oily smoke but a parched mouthfeel. Ending at the hour mark where it got too hot for my taste, the last bits continued the same great performance and dance of flavors from draw to draw. Thank you very much to Corona Cigar Company for sending this sample in for review!

  • Marc

    It looks kinda early in the morning….?

    • Marc

      Niza revisión. Gracias.

      • Marc

        …and I see your salamander is back … Nice

        • Marc


  • Anarky

    Your closing comments begs me to ask a couple questions: In your quest for the “perfect” cigar, how will you know it and what will you do once you find it?


  • ParadiseCove

    I think the Corona Cigar you were trying to recall was the “Cielo”…

  • walshy

    Great review. I was about to ask what was crawling down your fence at the end of the video but Marc already answered that. Nice salamander.

  • I can’t believe how many hundreds of comments have been made over the years about the geckos lol – it’s FL people, they are nothing special 🙂

    • J. Drew

      I lived in Colorado for over 18 years.I once met a girl in Hawaii who had never once saw snow. I myself was covered by it every year and didn’t think it was all that special. But she did!

    • phaedron

      The geckos are always one of the high points of our bi-annual trips to the family condo in Estero. We loves the little geckos!

  • Justin

    Obviously some people are seeing the video, but I haven’t been able to see it since this entry posted. I tried it on several different computers, both at home and at work….IE Explorer each time….am I missing something?

    • I just tried it on chrome, ie and FF, all good. No complaints and it’s got 1200 views so far, not a word…don’t know what to tell ya, might just be youtube in your area? Can you see it directly on youtube?

      • Bill O

        I had the same problem on the 17th, and 18th just showed a white screen and the banners to the left were 1/2 blank/white. Working fine for me now though.

        Great review Bryan, that triple wrapper is exciting.

  • BCamara

    Nice smooth smoke with a small transitions throughout. Plus they’re nice to look at.

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    Thanks for this stick in the sampler, I’m looking forward smoking this soon.

  • ParadiseCove

    It’s always nice to get confirmation from Bryan Glynn regarding impressions of a cigar. These are just flat out fun to smoke. Gorgeous presentation (how do they do that with the wrappers?). Great construction..interesting flavor notes..oodles of aromatic smoke..fellas..don’t hesitate to visit Corona Cigars and pick up a sampler of 3 of these..bonito perfecto!!

  • Bigdave

    I love barber pole cigars.And these have 3 wrappers unlike the Arganese or Rocky Patel DC’s. I need to try a box of these but I will probably get the robusto size.

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