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Summer Contest #11 and #10 Winners!

by Bryan Glynn, August 13, 2012
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Summer Contest #10 and #9 Winners!

OK first of all, congratulations to the winners of last week’s contest, ChadMack – you won the cigar sampler and JamesMasrsh  – you won the lighter! Get me your mailing info and I’ll get your prizes right out! bryan@cigarobsession.com

Now, on to this week’s contest, which will run through the weekend as usual. Thank you all again for participating in the Sharing contests and helping to grow the site, let’s keep it up! I’m still giving away cigars stuff and the rules will be the same for this contest series. Over the Summer I’m going to be running a ton of contests (yes, even more than the usual amount lol) with the express purpose of not only giving out a ton of swag, but growing the site! I have a lofty goal, that may sound difficult but if you think about it, it should be pretty easy with all of your help. I want to double the site readership by the end of the summer with all of your help!

Each week I’ll have 1 or 2 prizes to give out and not just cigars. I’m reaching deep in to my personal stash of swag to dole out lighters, cutters, ashtrays and more… This project will be on the honor system for entries, I know not *everyone* will play fair but I think most of you will, cigar smokers for the most part are very honorable people I have found. To enter all you have to do is comment on each contest post that you have done your part. What is that? Simply telling one new person that didn’t know about CigarObsession to watch! If they register and also leave a comment saying who referred them you get an extra entry for that week.

Now if this works out and I see the stats at least double by the end, I’ll have an even bigger prize stash at the end, I’m thinking a few boxes of cigars. Winners must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the US. It is the entrant’s responsibility to check back and see if they won. Prizes unclaimed after a week will be redistributed.

This week I have two prizes, a small USPS box filled with a sampler of my cigars, plus another chance at a Dual Flame Lighter, reviewed HERE! Remember all you need to do is tell one new person and get them to visit and you’ve don’t your part!

  • Jakob

    Sweet, another contest! Gotta find more people to tell!

  • cigarhobby85

    Two of my coworkers watched the lottery drawing with me today!

  • TopsiderLXi

    Got my buddy hooked on your reviews and decided I should finally get a membership to your website!

  • thecigarone

    went to my local smoke shop last night and mentioned to the owner and another guy who was enjoying a smoke bout the lottery and the great reviews

  • shawnmc77

    Told some buddies about the site over the weekend.

  • Daniel

    Told a buddy of my dad’s the other day.

  • AL

    I told my brother in law, who should leave a comment below, lest he incur my wrath.

  • Richhart

    I just mentioned the site to 3 guys at my local B&M. I think they were sober enough to remember our conversation .

  • James

    Told a couple new co-workers

  • bigknott

    Smoked a cigar with my new neighbor. Showed him your site.

  • Eyeluvwied

    I shared with the owner of a local fine wine and cigar shop(mostly because he doesn’t know much about cigars and is giving people bad advice, lol).

  • kb9311

    Shared with a guy i met at an altadis smoke event.

  • ARM

    I shared with my boss who only smokes 1 brand/vitola and rarely strays away. I told him to watch your reviews for unbiased, honest opinions.

  • jungjae510

    told a guy at the local b&m

  • lbrinson0002

    I told another worker at a local tabacco shop about the site and how it would help them be more knowledgeable about their cigars.

  • 2dogdad

    Told my brother in law, Mark,to visit the site regularly for great information.

  • spider9010spider

    told a new person at my local B&M

  • new2sticks

    Told a buddy of mine at lunch today.

  • chief791

    Told the mailman today.

  • mufdvr6976

    told a buddy today!!

  • MaxDuo

    Told my friend Chadley. He was there for the second cigar I smoked, on the first weekend I ever smoked cigars. He’s more of a pipe smoker, but there’s no harm in sharing with him and having him check the site out 🙂

  • Mikie

    Told my Brother in Law and a freind of his. I told them to say hi when they log in.

  • nickmastr

    Every time I buy a new cigar, I search to see if you have reviewed

  • jliechty13

    Told my dad about the site

  • tjcavena

    Great cigar reviews! Just found the site today and I told my dad about it who is a big cigar smoker. I watched some of the Perdomo, RP and Drew estate reviews. Going out to try the new XEN by Nish Patel today. If I send you one what is the likelihood you will do a review?

  • Gtimehanner

    talked to and told an oldschool masonry guy about your site.Judging from the sticks he picked he appreciates the finer things in life. seemed interested and said he was tech savy,pretty cool for an old timer
    Ps as we were bs’n he lit the gar he was chewn on…oops No smoking lounge at B&M Ah for the good old days

  • Bill O

    told a fellow fisherman

  • ptraister

    The best cgar reviews out there ,new to the site but will B back often . I also like the send me a stick thing very clever.Thanks again

  • StogieHog

    Noticed a guy at the poker table gumming a big La Gloria so we got to chatting and I told him about your site and reviews. He did say he would check it out!

  • primox1

    My brother agrees that your reviews are the most helpful on youtube and around. straight facts, minimal opinions. Thanks Bryan.

  • knotthome

    Ok I just messaged a buddy on Facebook and sent him the link to your site! I also told him about the cigar lottery. I need to get 4 more cigars sent in myself!

  • SouthJersey

    Told a bunch of my guys from our battalion (1/6 Hard) about your site and YouTube channel today. A lot of us fell in love with cigars after coming across donated cigars with the Cigars for Troops program during our last tour in Helmand province we received a nice donation. Should have anywhere from at least 30-50 guys checking out the site, forwarded them all the link on FaceBook. I’m a complete rookie and your YouTube videos are the most help I’ve found in the entire cigar community on and offline. (not ass kissing)

  • Dale

    Told a guy at work to check the site out. I always check your reviews when getting ready to purchase.



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