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Don Tomas Candela Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 4, 2012
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Don Tomas Candela Churchill Cigar Review

This 7×48 stick features a light green dry and fragile wrapper with an even spongy give, minimal veins, tight seams, double cap and a light woody aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful medium bodied flavors of an oily sweetness on the draw quickly going to a bitter dry grass on the short finish. The first third quickly drops both the sweetness and bitterness, just going to a middle of the road dry tobacco with a long smooth finish. The ash holds for just over an inch, burn and draw are both excellent. The 2nd third proves much the same, continuing the same flavors and great burn. Ending at 1 hour with an inch remaining the whole cigar was very one dimensional with just the smooth dry tobacco flavors.

  • phaedron

    Hmmm…I had the opportunity to try the Rocky Patel Edge Candela a few weeks back and I just wasn’t digging that, either. I remember a kind of sweet green tea character, but my perception may have been influenced by the fact that the cigar is, you know, green. And I remember some bitterness. If someone wants to recommend a “must-try” candela, I’d give it another chance, but this niche hasn’t had much appeal to me thus far.

    • JJO

      The only candela I’ve ever had was the old Antonio y Cleopatra Grenadiers (many years ago), which I would certainly not recommend, but I have read good things about the La Flor Dominicana Double Claro and Illusione candelas. As always, it’s a matter of personal taste, and the candelas just may not be right for you. I think you have to be into fairly sweet grassy or vegetal flavors. This Don Tomas sounds like it belongs in the “bleah” category.

  • HappyTaro

    Looking at this makes me wanna say, “Grrrr… Hulk Smash!!!!”

  • eric.hanson

    I had one of these in a sampler I got from cigar.com like 2 years ago and remember liking it. It was a really good sampler from what I remember too, it was this one, an Ave Maria Reconcista, an EP Carillo New Wave, and a La Arora Preferido maduro for less than $20, wish they still had that sampler I’d buy more.

    • Bigdave

      I always found with Candelas people either love them or hate them. I like them! 🙂

  • Bigdave

    This was the first Candela wrapper cigar I ever tried when I first starting smoking cigars about 10 years ago. I recall it was the robusto size. They are very good for the price. Much better than the Baccarat Candela but not quite on par with the Fuente 858 Candelas. It somewhere in between. 🙂

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