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Davidoff Aniversario #3 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 2, 2012
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Davidoff Aniversario #3 Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick features a dark tan delicate wrapper with virtually no features – minimal veins, tight invisible seams, a smooth feel, firm pack, double cap and virtually no aroma, just a light cedar. This did come in a tube and has a few wrapper cracks along the body. First light reveals an absolutely effortless draw with good smoke output giving medium bodied flavors of a rich silky smooth creamy textured soft tobacco and a long finish of the same. The first third develops much the same, adding a bit of sweetness and firming up the draw slightly most likely due to the burn line getting past a slight crack. The ash holds right to the start of the 2nd third, where another small crack opens the draw prompting a small touchup to keep it going evenly. Flavor wise the only change is the addition of a roasted nut coming in mixing with the slightly sweet, smooth tobacco. 1 hour in at the band point the nuttiness had faded then come back with a big creaminess. Ending at 1:25 the last bit showed no further changes. Thank you very much to viewer Mike Nappi for generously sending this sample in for review, I really appreciate it!

  • Bill O

    I think in the last 10 or 20 years I’ve smoked maybe a half dozen or so Davidoffs and never had the construction or ash issues of this one. I hope there quality is not in decline. Great review, thank you Bryan!

  • dgrambo

    Personally, Ive never found Davidoffs to be mild. Ultra-refined, yes. But theyve always picked up to a medium-full by the last third. Not a morning smoke for me as I smoke them to the nub. Ill usually have a decent buzz by that point! The #2 can be truly sublime, under the right circumstances. Youre website is getting better all the time. Thanks for all the time and effort!

  • boony

    Wow Bryan, nice review…don’t think I’d spend 20 bucks for a mild cigar…not enough going on for the money spent in my book…

    side note: were those possibly beetle holes showing near the foot of the cigar in the beginning of the video? Just curious…

  • James

    Thought these were interesting. Agree with most but just had to laugh at some. These are Davidoff’s do’s and dont’s of cigar smoking.


    Warm the foot of the cigar slightly before starting to puff on it.
    Remove the band carefully after lighting the cigar.
    Take your time in smoking it; a puff a minute is about right.
    Hold the cigar between your index finger and thumb.
    Let the cigar die a dignified death. After it’s smoked half way, it will go out on its own.
    Dispose of the dead cigar discreetly and quickly.
    Wait at least fifteen minutes between cigars; anything less indicates obsessive behavior.


    Use a penknife to cut or a lance to pierce the end of the cigar.
    Touch the flame directly to the foot of the cigar: Instead, simply rotate it around the edge till it starts to burn, then puff lightly.
    Ask someone else for a light (the lighting of a cigar should be a personal affair).
    Light your cigar too quickly or too slowly.
    Indulge in exhibitionism in lighting or any other aspect of smoking.
    Relight your cigar if less than one quarter of it is leaf.
    Put the cigar in your mouth to relight it. Just scrape off the ash and turn it in the flame for several seconds till it relights.
    Clench it between your teeth. Likewise do not get the end of the cigar wet, chew it, or slobber on it.
    Smoke too quickly.
    Use a cigar holder, or worse, stick a toothpick or matchstick in the end of the cigar to help hold it in your mouth.
    Dunk your cigar in port or brandy, a habit attributed to Winston Churchill.
    Smoke while working.
    Hold a cigar between your index and middle finger.
    Smoke when you’re walking.
    Smoke more than half the cigar.
    Put the cigar out by crushing it in an ashtray.
    Chain-smoke cigars.

  • kb9311

    Umm, ya, thanks for you opinions James.

    • James

      Not my opinions, those are from Davidoff, a cigar i have no desire or need to try as i smoke for enjoyment not as a symbol of “prestige”. just thought some were funny

  • kb9311

    Yeah lol, I was so intranced by how funny some of those were that I completely overlooked that that’s what davidoff says, not you man, my bad!

    • James

      no worries lol

  • You put the cigar on your lips, but don’t get saliva on it though! It’s only your mouth. lol

  • Gigalo de Vitolas

    Nice review, I knew the sticks were expensive but their humidors are on a different level altogether. Just saw a reg looking humi going for $16,000 and those leather finger cases for $700! Crazy.

  • BBEJ4321

    $20 is a lot for just 1cigar. I’ll try one or the other DD that’s in the $10 range. Good review

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