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CigarObsession – SmokeInn Hidden Treasures Cigar Sampler!

by Bryan Glynn, August 2, 2012
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I’m very proud to announce the arrival of the newest CO/SI sampler project, Hidden Treasures!

The first one, the Premium Sampler, was ALL about the quality. it’s jam packed with some of the world’s finest cigars at a great deal, but the price is still high for some smokers.

So this time I have created a pack for everyone to afford, and help you find some new favorites as every-day smokes! Maybe you’ll find some you want to start buying boxes of to save even more? No matter your reason for trying it, you’re sure to find it full of great examples of some of my personal favorite gotta-have cigars. They aren’t ultra premium but they are all excellent in their own ways! Check out the video for all the details and order yours today 🙂

In each sampler is one each of:

  • Alec Bradley MAXX Culture
  • Humo Jaguar Corona Gorda
  • Padron 3000 Maduro
  • Rocky Patel ’90 Robusto
  • Rocky Patel ’92 Robusto
  • Warlock Toro
  • Xikar HC Criollo Robusto
  • G.A.R. Corona Gorda

As usual, I have zero financial ties to this, it is ONLY for fun, to bring an awesome deal to my viewers!

CLICK HERE to order from Smoke Inn


  • kb9311

    Bryan, Once again you have taken my cigar hobby to a new level, What a beautiful everyday cigar sampler at a great price as well! Appreciate it a lot!

  • derek_straus

    I cannot wai to give this a try it looks so good! Great work!

  • Anarky

    Any chance you’ll be doing these sorts of bundles with Atlantic Cigars for us Canadian folks that can’t buy from SmokeInn?

    Love the reviews BTW!

    • For now I have a relationship exclusively with SI for the samplers. Atlantic and/or others may choose to do another project in the future, we’ll see!

  • Jason Isbaner

    Went to smoke inn and the sampler is not up yet for purchase. I can’t wait, it looks awesome

    • Yes it is and it works fine – you didn’t see the link above.

      • Jason Isbaner

        Yep I missed it completely. Thanks

  • CigarStrawn

    Thank you, Bryan. I can’t wait to try these cigars!

  • Gotta try a least one pack. The problem is who can wait 6 months to smoke them. Thanks Bryan!

    • You don’t need to wait for the whole thing…only a couple there would I suggest it.

  • sdh3237

    After watching the video and hearing Bryan talk about the super premium sampler, I decided to break open my piggie bank. I received an email from Smoke Inn telling me that my cigars are on the way. I can’t wait to get them and let them rest awhile so I can experience Cigar Nirvana. This sampler will be my next purchase.

  • HappyTaro

    You picked some really good ones for premium & hidden treasures. Priced pretty well too. There are a couple I haven’t tried yet ie Humo Jaguar & G.A.R.

    You put Maxx in your hidden treasures. I had that a couple of weeks ago. That one really surprised me. I was like, ‘whoa… That’s pretty good…’

  • phaedron

    So I was actually interested in the Arturo Fuente Solaris, but this sampler definitely has some winners in it and ordering it gave me free shipping on everything. How great is that?!

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