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Gurkha Beauty Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 21, 2012
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Gurkha Beauty Cigar Review

This 6.5×58 stick features a light tan wrapper  with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, even slightly spongy give, double cap and pungent manure and barnyard aroma.  First light reveals a perfect draw with great smoke output giving mild-medium silky smooth and creamy flavors of a soft sweet tobacco and long smooth oily finish. The first third burns slowly, transitioning to a medium body and flavors of a dry slightly peppery tobacco and a plain earthy finish, dropping the sweetness. The 1/2 way point comes at 35 minutes, just adding a bit of a nuttiness especially on the finish. Ending at 1:10 the last third showed no further changes. Thank you very much to viewer Bob Gregovich for generously sending this in for review!

  • goldendd

    Appropriately named!

  • ditty

    Awesome comment on butane. Thank you. Have been having similar issues and got the same advice today from a local shop. I’m throwing my older cans away.

  • Eyeluvwied

    I smoked a Beast the other day that I got from satans brain child(cigarbid) for three bucks. It was nice, but I don’t remember much about it except that it was exceptionally smooth. I do remember thinking that the Genghis Kahn was much better though.

  • lbrinson0002

    I also have been having rhe same trouble.but I thought it was the cheat lighter, and I think that probably that has a lot to do with it, but I had never thought about the butane. Thanks again for the I site.

  • Bill O

    Thanks for the butane tip! I am “torchered” by lighters :). All my butane is well over 2 years old this could explain a bunch. Great review thanks again Bryan.

  • rsamberg

    Your review nailed it from my perspective as well. Tha shaggy is more to my liking and I try to keep one or two in the box.

  • rsamberg

    on the butane issue, compressed air to the jets seems to work every time on all my lighters.

    • I regularly do that as well but it has nothing to do with my issues.

  • CigarStrawn

    I never knew butane weakened overtime… interesting tidbit. Thanks Bryan!

  • Bob Gregovich

    Your impression basically mirrored mine. I found this to be a decent smoke but it certainly didn’t knock my socks off. I got a 10 pack of these for around $35. I can’t imagine anyone paying the $30 retail price. Great review.

  • towerladder87

    Was a little disappointed almost 1/2 of the cigar had a bitter taste. Maybe I had a bad one.

    • Rob

      I would give it another try. The last one I had was amazingly creamy both in texture and taste. Also picked up a light coffee flavor and an aged tobacco taste. I love them.

  • Bpope31

    I’ve got 2 left in my humidor. Got a 5 pack for cheap along with some other 5 packs. It’s great for the price I got them at but I don’t see how you can pay full retail if it isn’t the best cigar you’ve ever had by far. What makes it so expensive? Plus why bother paying that much when Gurkha provides so many discount. I think today’s joe daily deal is 10 of these for around 30 bucks and free shipping.

  • Bpope31

    Well I went ahead and smoked one last night. It was by far the smoothest smoke I’ve ever had. Nice and creamy and just a great experience. Had trouble keeping it lit however which took away the great favors I was getting. Been a recent problem I’ve been having. Think I will try and drop the humidity in my humidor. Usually 69 or 70. Time to experiment and probably drop it to at least 65. Could this help with my burn issues?

    • MorganGeo

      A buddy of mine said every Gurkha he has ever smoked had burn issues. He said the taste was there but the burn problems took away from the enjoyment of the smoke.

      That being said, the beauty caught my attention on CI the other day too and I almost pulled the trigger to buy some. However, I hate poorly burning smokes and have yet to try a Gurkha because of that.

      I may pick just one up from my local stogie shop just to give it a try.

  • Bpope31

    I’ve had a few Gurkhas and don’t remember having burn issues. I also was very new to smoking and didn’t really no what to look for. But I’m trying to figure out exactly what I like and what I don’t and the burn issues are making that very difficult.

  • BCamara

    I just ordered some Beauties online, I cant wait till they come in, I’ve heard good things about them. I really enjoy the Status and I hear the Beauty is very similar and actually better. I’ll find out soon enough.

  • eric.hanson

    Considering you can get these in 10 packs for less than $30 shipped these aren’t a bad stick to get.

  • socks

    Just picked up some yesterday. Will give them about a month roasting in my humidor, then give them a shot. Can’t wait. Got them pretty cheap in a sampler pack from CI

  • Bigdave

    The Gurkha Beauty I tried has about the same features as Bryan has described. Mine was a 6 x 55 box press version I recently got in a sampler. Came with the Beast, Titan and one more cant recall now.

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