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Summer Contest #7 and #6 Winners!

by Bryan Glynn, July 17, 2012
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EDIT – the contest is closed

Summer Contest #7 and #6 Winners!

OK first of all, congratulations to the winners of last week’s contest, kb9311 – you won the cigar sampler, & georgerin – you won the lighter! Guys, get me your mailing info and I’ll get your prizes right out! bryan@cigarobsession.com

Now, on to this week’s contest, which will run through the weekend as usual. Thank you all again for participating in the Sharing contests and helping to grow the site, let’s keep it up! Now if this works out and I see the stats at least double by the end, I’ll have an even bigger prize stash at the end, I’m thinking a few boxes of cigars. Winners must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the US. It is the entrant’s responsibility to check back and see if they won. Prizes unclaimed after a week will be redistributed.

This week I have a sweet three cigar sampler consisting of a H. Upmann Toro, a Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7 and last but not least, an Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau! All you have to do to enter this week’s contest is comment below with which of the three cigars in this prize pack you are most looking forward to trying. One entry per person. And please don’t forget to share the site any way you can with as many people as you can, the bigger we get the more I can give 😉

ALSO – don’t forget to enter the guessing contest for a BIG box of cigars, running through July HERE!

  • gregrhill000

    The Opus X would be amazing to try. I have only had a few of the Opus X and loved them. By far my favorite cigar.

  • ggowin

    I would have to say the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau.

  • marotajo

    Would lick to try the Opus X as I have yet to smoke one.

  • JJO

    Oh, I guess the Opus. 😉 Love the Cabinetta though.

  • shooter5419

    I would love to try the Opus X. I am a new cigar smoker (19 years old) and I don’t have the kind of money to spend 15 dollars on a single stick. For now I’m sticking to the lower priced big name sticks and would love the opportunity to try a high end stick like the Opus X.

    • drjwall

      I’ve seen those sticks for like 30 bucks around here, because of a 30% tax rate they got here

  • Sirfubes

    I’ve never had an h. Upmann and it sounds delicious to me! Keep up the good work Bryan!!!

  • jungjae510

    Never tried the Opus….would be nice to get to try it

  • jeffk

    Have to go with the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau.

  • Griff

    Has ti be the Opus x.

  • skyman0087

    Opus x always wanted to try! Smoke a lot of CAO

  • levicurd

    It seems like everybody is obsessed with the Opus (i am too), but i would actually like to try the H. Upmann. Normally i am a medium-full to full bodied smoker, both cigars sound really good to me based on the flavor. I like to experiment, so the H. Upmann sounds like a fun experience as it is a medium bodied smoked.

  • shawnmc77

    I think I’d go with the Upmann. I already have an Opus X waiting for me in the humidor thanks to Bryan 🙂

  • e_fryer16

    Would love to try the Opus X!

    • Jason

      FUENTE OPUS X, would love to smoke that cigar have heard some great things about it!

  • swindleman

    I have yet to try an Opus X, so I have to say the Opus.

  • lazlomcd

    I vote for the H Uppman because I have heard good things and I love the toro size

  • sparkmark

    I really love the Fuente Double Chateau and also the Rothchilds so for me the Opus X Reserva Chateau is an very exciting possibility.

  • James

    I have wanted to try an Opus X since i first started smoking cigars in college but where i live they are 30 to 45 dollars each, when one can find them!

  • hiking4life

    Hi! I’m relatively new to the site and only got into cigars recently. I love your site and really appreciate the great information you provide and how approachable you make everything. Thank you for sharing your passion!

    I would love the opportunity to try the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7.

  • burnin_brass

    I’m a new cigar enthusiast and haven’t had a chance to try any of these 3 cigars. So, I’ll give in to the hype and say that I would most like to try Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau!

  • jmrich

    Ive been Wanting to try all of these actually haha. but I would Have to vote for the H Upmann

  • CRem

    An Opus X where I live costs somewhere between $30-$40; I’d love to try one of them!

  • cav8000

    I would enjoy any of the three as I haven’t had any before. I have tried Arturo Fuente 858 and truely enjoyed…I bet the Opus X is orders of magnitude better.
    So If I had to choose one I would have to say the Opus X

  • lbrinson0002

    I’m looking forward to the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau. I’ve not tried any of the Fuente brand as I have been searching for a perfect cigar for my taste. Even if I don’t get this one Im keeping a list of sticks you review so I’ll be ready when I visit a big cigar shop. Thanks again.

  • kb9311

    Definitely the X I’ve also never had one!

  • micktorres

    Love me some Opus.

  • E

    The Opus X because it is the only one of the three I have not tried.

  • Zironexium

    The Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7 seems like a good smoke in my opinion. The other 2 I would mind smoking either. :[)

  • mufdvr6976

    id love to try these!! thanks for another great contest!!

  • Brock

    I would love to try the H. Upmann, because Im fairly new to cigars and I like to try cigar brands that have been around for a while. You know you will get consistency and quality.

  • cigarhobby85

    I would love to try the joya de nicaragua

  • ARM

    Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau!

  • custommartini

    The Opus sounds good to me, I have been puffing on RyJs right now and would love try a higher end Fuente

  • Rick

    The Opus X would be awesome to try!

  • skeetmo

    Opus X for me!!

  • J. Drew

    I am interested more in the H. Upmann.
    Not that any of the three sound bad!

  • Dave

    Opus X would be my choice, Love your reviews Bryan!!

  • weimerad

    I have always wanted to try an Opus X

  • Eric 41

    I’ve never had an opus x, would love to see what all the fuss is about

  • dvillan87

    I would love to have all those cigars in my collection, I am new to cigars and am currently obsessed with Arturo Fuentes. I saw how they make the Opus X and would love to have that in my humidor. Can’t find them anywhere so Opus X Reserva Chateau it is !!!!!

    Bryan love all your reviews, keep them coming. Always watch your reviews before buying any cigars, just to know what to expect.

  • Definitely the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau. I hear good things!

  • sdh3237

    I would love to try the Opus to see how it compares to my favorite stick.

  • Eyeluvwied

    I’d like to try an Opus X, if only because I’ve never had one. The H. Upmann wouldn’t be bad to try either though.

  • new2sticks

    Definitely the H. Upmann as you seem to always have good things to say about them!

  • robber

    hi bryan…the fuente would peak my interest.always hear good things about them.keep up the great reviews.tks!

  • Larsy

    Would say the Opus but recently I bought that exact stick so im going with the Upmann

  • Gotham007

    It’s definitely the Opus X Reserva that I would be looking forward to toasting.

  • Bill O

    Told a firefighter friend about the site, Opus X would be nice:)

  • elitebassmasta

    Would like to try the Fuente Opus X, hear there are really good!

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    Would definitely like to try the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau….

  • hookeduphawaii

    the Fuente!! was at Casa Fuente last month and stupidly did NOT grab one of those!!

  • DavidKIT

    I would love to try another Opus X. My first experience wasn’t very good, as I smoked one straight from my local shop and I think it was over humidified.

  • quinn

    Opus x!

  • Steven

    Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau for sure!

  • drk204

    I have truely love your Reviews, they have in most cases been the deciding factor on whether I purchase a Brand of Cigar or not, and have been very happy with the decision you helped me make. Thank you Very Much.
    I would Love to try an Opus X I have never had one and as you are aware they are kind of up there on the cashola high end.
    Figure what the heck will give this a shot. Thanks again for all your Help.

  • TriMarkC

    Of course, the Opus X! I’ve only had one, a shorty that was gifted to me by a very generous BOTL when I told him that that was one of my dream cigars.

  • cedric77020

    I would love to try the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7. It reminds me of the Rock Patel Decade my favorite Cigar.

  • chief791

    Opus x for sure. I’ve got to see what all the fuss is about.

  • SteveG

    Opus X I’d like to try

  • Mike K

    Would love to smoke another Opus X,I have only tried one and it was fantastic!

  • derek_straus

    I too would love to try the Opus X. I have never gotten the opportunity to try one but always wanted to.

  • Jose

    I’d love to try the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau since I haven’t smoked an Opus X before!!

  • PipeSmoking247

    Gonna go with the bandwagon here and say I want to try the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau as well.

  • Michael5984

    I am still new to cigars and have only had a handful, however thanks to all the comments the Opus X is now high on my list to try.

  • 69Goat

    Sign me up for the OpusX.

  • IamIonek

    Love to try a Opus.

  • ryanmo45

    upmann is such a good woody cigar. love them. I have been wanting to try the joya for a while but ?I would still have to say the opus.

  • Dale

    The ‘X’ would be the one I would try first.

  • dgrambo

    The Opus as the Intro

  • CigarBum

    Definitely the Opus.

  • tacticalpipeguy

    Definitely the Opus X ive been wanting to try one but just cant seem to put up the coin for it.

  • drjwall

    Opus X is making my mouth water, that is the one I most want to try.

  • istricky

    I would love to try the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau. Have tried and liked many of the Fuente, but not the Opus X yet. Thanks for the chance to win them. Love your site, You Tube vids and all that you do for the cigar community. Keep up the great job. Will check in daily.

  • simbe

    Since I usually won’t buy a cigar unless you review it and I can only find your Cabinetta review I’d like to try that one because it sounded good, although I have a friend who would kill me if I had the chance to smoke an Opus X and didn’t or didn’t let him try it. Tough choice really.

    • simbe

      Cancel that… Just saw your Opus X review. Have to go with that one, but still a tough choice.

      By the way, very good explanation of fermenting and aging tobacco and cigars in that review. Much appreciated.

  • Daniel

    Considering I’ve never had an OpusX and there’s one of the Forbidden line sitting in my humidor, I’d like to try that one most so I could compare the two, probably on consecutive days (talk about an expensive habit, lol).

  • phantomp90

    I want to try the opus x

  • MaxDuo

    Good day Bryan, I would be most looking forward to the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7! It has an interesting look to it, I would almost feel sad to remove one from the humidor 🙂 Hope all is well your way.

  • mambopython

    Opus X would be great!

  • Ender9801

    I would like to try the Cabinetta No.7

  • jacamp16

    Opus X, just because it’s something I’ve always heard about but never tried.

  • Tim

    Opus X

  • thatrev

    Opus X. I’ve never tried it, but it’s on the list!

  • sml

    OPUS X !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crazzyotto55

    Obviously, the Opus X would be the one most guys would want to get their hands on. Including me. But the JDN would be a close second in my book. Love the reviews. Keep up the great work!

  • steve c

    I would definitely like to get my hands on that fuente. I’ve always liked their cigars.

  • Matt

    i really am looking forward to the fuente. being on a college student budget i only get to enjoy cheaper “bottom of the barrel” sticks and would love to try an real quality cigar

    • Eyeluvwied

      I feel that.

  • fort9erfan

    Im very interested in the Opus X but all sound tasty

  • The H. Upman is a personal favorite but I’d love to try that Opus X 🙂

  • Parcheezy

    Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7. Hands down. I love that wood and coffee flavor, it is delicious, and fitting for the Georgia summer rains we get so often these days.

  • Heartlessdog

    I would love to try the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta # 7

  • CigarStrawn

    I’m a fan of the Fuente line so I want to try the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau.

  • JoshsCigReview

    I would love to try the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7 I have heard some good things about it!!!!

  • jwhann

    Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau!

  • Underboss

    All great smokes but I love all things Fuente. So for me it has to be the OpusX.

  • SilverStreak

    Definitely the Opus X

  • I’m a JDN fan, but I’d have to try an Opus X, never had a chance to enjoy one.

  • staysicc

    I’m going to jump on the band wagon and say the opus. My local cigar shop sells em for over $30 a stick! No way I’m spending that, without trying one that is. Thanks for easing me into cigar smoking my friend, well played.

  • TriMarkC

    Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve tried the Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7! Thanks!

  • dtu2179

    Fuente Opus X

  • bjjones

    I havent had any of the 3 but I would love to try all but I would have to say the Opus because I keep hearing so much about them

  • boolee

    opus x……

  • Cigarfridays

    Well I would love to have any of them. Because I have never had any other cigars then acid cigars. I would definitely do a review on them for my youtube. Thanks for the invite over to your web site very nice

  • Zombieno1

    I would be looking forward to the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 7. Why? Because I would struggle to light the Opus X because I am about 2 years into smoking and have yet to smoke one but have read so much. I’d rather roll it in my fingers and take pictures lol. But then an amazing day would come and I would light it up.. 🙂

  • JavaJunkie

    I am most looking forward to trying the Opus X Reserva Chateau.

  • dutch_dooly

    Haven’t tried any of these, so I truly would like to try them all. I have wanted to try an Opus X for a while, but unfortunately have never had that opportunity!

  • thecigarone

    Def like to try that H. Upmann Toro. Never smoked one before but heard many good things about them. But honestly who wouldnt like to have all three haha. Thanks for the contest and doing the great videos on reviews. Led me to some great smokes I may never of tried. Keep em coming

  • Jakob

    I’ve never had the pleasure of an Opus X. Would really love to try one. Keep up the great work and the fun contests.

  • ChristianL2012

    Looking forward to trying the Opus X. Cigars at this high of a level on the “Food Chain” always peak my interest.

  • s5592c

    Starting to get crowded here, I guess all the sharing is starting to help! Opus X. Thanks for the contest!

  • dyieldin

    The Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta sounds like a winner to me, would like to try one of those.

  • Studio 54

    The “Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau” because from what I understand, and having never tried one, it is the premiere cigar line in the Arturo Fuente Cigar family and this cigar is consistently ranked as the single most sought-after cigar in the world by Cigar Aficionado. Great way to celebrate my son’s graduation from Harvard University!!!!

  • SmokinCoach

    havent tried either of those cigars…but i’m not sure if this is my entry into the contest, if not how do i enter?

  • hckd2pieces

    Definitely the Opus X. I almost snapped and bought one a few weeks ago….

  • Sal.N

    I am a big fan of the Cabinetta series but would look forward to smoking the Opus X since I have never had the opportunity to smoke one.

  • Asinine

    Opus X, haven’t seen one in my local shop. Name like Chateau, sounds tasty.

  • vegasron

    Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau I have not had the pleasure of smoking. So this would be my choice. Thanks for contest.

  • ohiohanson

    I would love to try the Fuente Opus X Reserva Chateau. Years ago, when I started smoking cigars, my very first favorite was the Fuente Curly Head. I haven never sprung for an Opus X but it would be like coming full circle to get to try the top of the line. Thanks very much.

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