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Summer Sharing Contest #6, Free Wallpaper & Last Week’s Winners!

by Bryan Glynn, July 9, 2012
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EDIT – corrected names posted!

Summer Sharing Contest #6, Free Wallpaper & Last Week’s Winners!

OK first of all, congratulations to the winners of last week’s contest, weimerad – you won the cigar sampler, & NathanHaller – you won the cutter! Guys, get me your mailing info and I’ll ge your prizes right out! bryan@cigarobsession.com

Now, on to this week’s contest, which will run through the weekend as usual. Thank you all again for participating in the Sharing contests and helping to grow the site, let’s keep it up! I’m still giving away cigars stuff and the rules will be the same for this contest series. Over the Summer I’m going to be running a ton of contests (yes, even more than the usual amount lol) with the express purpose of not only giving out a ton of swag, but growing the site! I have a lofty goal, that may sound difficult but if you think about it, it should be pretty easy with all of your help. I want to double the site readership by the end of the summer with all of your help!

Each week I’ll have 1 or 2 prizes to give out and not just cigars. I’m reaching deep in to my personal stash of swag to dole out lighters, cutters, ashtrays and more… This project will be on the honor system for entries, I know not *everyone* will play fair but I think most of you will, cigar smokers for the most part are very honorable people I have found. To enter all you have to do is comment on each contest post that you have done your part. What is that? Simply telling one new person that didn’t know about CigarObsession to watch! If they register and also leave a comment saying who referred them you get an extra entry for that week.

Now if this works out and I see the stats at least double by the end, I’ll have an even bigger prize stash at the end, I’m thinking a few boxes of cigars. Winners must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the US. It is the entrant’s responsibility to check back and see if they won. Prizes unclaimed after a week will be redistributed.

This week I have two prizes, a small USPS box filled with a sampler of my cigars, plus another chance at a Dual Flame Lighter, reviewed HERE! Remember all you need to do is tell one new person and get them to visit and you’ve don’t your part!

Also – the pic above is another free cigar wallpaper if you would like it! Just click it to view full size and download. Please do not distribute or alter the file in any way. 1920×1200 image size.

ALSO – don’t forget to enter the guessing contest for a BIG box of cigars, running through July HERE!

  • shawnmc77

    Told my father-in-law about the site over the weekend.

  • rsamberg

    Told my friend Jeff and he is ready to participate on this great site.

  • Jakob

    You keep this up and I’m not going to have anyone left to tell!

  • kb9311

    Talked to the boys at my local smoke shop!

  • mufdvr6976

    done!! told my nephews coach who enjoys stogies!!

  • jmrich

    Doin My Part! Shared with my Dad

  • James

    Told my cousin. Just curious how this contest works cause the two people that won didn’t even comment last week they commented the week before in june?

    • SOB – you’re right I goofed and pulled the wrong post to draw! I’ll draw two MORE winners, this time from the right post!


      • James

        Lol no prob Bryan, got curious when i saw weekly contest #5 again instead of #6. And you’re welcome.

        • Romel

          Told my best friend who smokes cigars every now and then with me!

          • Romel

            Sorry i posted this in as a reply to your comment…

  • cigarhobby85

    I told my friend about your site yesterday.

  • shoeboss60601

    I told my fishing buddy about it…

  • Eyeluvwied

    Told my sister and brother in-law about the site. My brother in-law seemed interested, my sister isn’t into cigars, but she said she liked the cigar art.

  • AL

    Shared the reviews with my dad. He is a bit of a wine geek and loves your tasting notes.

  • AL

    I shared the reviews with my dad. He is a bit of a wine geek and loves your tasting notes.

  • chief791

    Told my son about the site.

  • Griff

    I was talking to one of my competitors about cigars the other day and I told him to check out your site

  • micktorres

    Told my local mayor about the site.

  • James

    Wanting to see the new winners, my fingers are starting to hurt, had em crossed for hours now! lol

  • William G.

    Just told my brother about the site and he said he would join .:-)

  • Dale

    Told they guys at my fav smoke shop today.

  • James

    congrats to the winners this week!

  • Bill O

    I told a co-worker

  • KrazyKajun

    Gave a friend a nice stick, & shot him a link to watch the review you did on it. Told him to sign up & watch them all, while he was at it…

  • Sent link to a couple cigar friends…really digging the reviews, helping a new guy weed through the world of cigars. Thanks

  • Tim

    I really enjoy the site and your reviews! I have shared with several cigar friends.


  • Gtimehanner

    seems to be more people entering the weekly contest thats a good sign… still talkin bout your site!

  • car2346

    I told my cousin yesterday. Excellent reviews keep it up Bryan. XD

  • spider9010spider

    told my boss and showed him the site at work today

  • Paleryder

    Told my co-worker about the site. He watches your reviews already the next logical step is a visit to your site…

  • griz

    Told me brother and his friend on our way to the shooting range. They are headed back to college so hopefully they spread the word too

  • Saito56

    Told my Son in law! He mooches a lot of my sticks, but what ya gonna do?

  • Jaywhite

    Hey Bryan

    I told my child hood friend John about your site and reviews. He has recently been getting into cigars and I knew this be right up his ally, Keep up the good work!

  • johnerik01

    Had the privilege of stumbling on to the site. Passed the word on to a good friend and coworker who introduced me to cigars.

  • CigarBum

    Told my brother about this site, he’s loving the reviews.

  • Jason

    Hey Bryan!

    Told my good friend John about the site and YT, keep up the good work!


  • MaxDuo

    I just joined the site, didn’t know you did simple contests like this! I only knew of the lottery.

    Anyway, I told my friend Desi about this site last week and showed her a few reviews. Also showed another friend, Charles.

    Love the reviews, makes me jealous I don’t have the refined taste that you do… I don’t taste as many flavors in mine!

  • sparkmark

    I told my Father-in-law about the site. He likes cigars too!

  • Zironexium

    Told some freinds I met up with at a cigar shop!

  • MuadDib

    I informed my friend Brandon of this website!

  • zabadas

    Told one of my best friends that loves cigars.

  • lazlomcd

    Told my brother when I went and visited him in DC. We used your reviews to pick out something for him since he’s new to cigars.

  • primox1

    Showed my veterinary buddy about cigarobsession.com. He was a fan of the reviews.

  • quinn

    hi – i told my coworker about you! I’m a new cigar smoker and I love your videos. Not to mention that I’m also female! I also bought your sampler. My fav is the Generoso!

  • Scriptman44

    Told two of my neighbors about the site last night whilst enjoying a stick.

  • lbrinson0002

    I’ve told nearly everybody Ive run into about this site, that I think might be interseted, and some that aren’t. But here is the list: three tutors at my college, two tobacco store employees, and one owner, one neighbor. I think that totals 7. I know there are more but I can’t specifically think which ones.

    • lbrinson0002

      Hey I told another friend that works at the college I attend, a girl I know and a friend of mine thats a judge. You know judges love cigars, haha.

      • lbrinson0002

        Shared with another tobacco store owner about the site, who was trying to tell me about there cigar seletion and obviously not knowledgeable about cigars. They were very glad to here there was a place with this kind of info. I’m hoping these store owners will pass this site on to there cigar smokers as they buy from them.

  • nomadely

    I showed my father this site, and he likes watching the reviews of cigars he’s had in the past. He was a long time cigar smoker and got me into cigars in the first place.

  • derek_straus

    I just told a few guys at the dealership I work at, they seem very excited to check it out!

  • PipeSmoking247

    Told my co-worker about this website and your youtube channel.

    Also I was refered here by Zironexium,
    my cousin. He told me to let you know.

  • sdh3237

    I told Blaine a new employee at a local B&M shop. He told me he was going to check out the site.

  • jwhann

    Shared the site with some guys at the local shop and watched some of your reviews with my neighbor yesterday

  • Michael5984

    Told the friend of mine who actually got me into cigars. I am very knew to smoking and I have appreciated your reviews. I also really enjoy the lighter reviews.

  • jungjae510

    Told the site to my golf buddies.

  • ryanmo45

    Told about 15 people out on the pier

  • ggowin

    I told my Lieutenant! I think he’s trying to watch all the reviews in a week!

  • dtu2179

    Told 2 of my cigar smoking coworkers.

  • simonvalade

    hello there !
    i told a bunch of friends around the fire while we were out camping !!

  • PipeSmoking247

    told 2 of my buddies at the park yesterday over a cigar. I used your youtube channel as a conversation starter 😉

  • Jakob

    That’s it. I’m gonna have to just start telling strangers. Out of people I know.

  • 2dogdad

    Told my buddy Mike,all about the site. He seemed interested.

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