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Drew Estate Natural Dirty Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 3, 2012
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Drew Estate Natural Dirty Torpedo Cigar Review

This 5×52 stick features a dark chocolate wrapper with small veins, tight seams, a slight dry tooth and pungent artificially sweet aroma not unlike most of their other lines. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful smoke output, mild flavors barely discernible through the heavy artificially sweetened tip, masking the cigar with syrupy sweet cherry and potpourri flavors. The first third goes pretty quickly in just 15 minutes, giving the exact same flavors mostly from the tip, but subdued. Burning very quickly the cigar finished in just 35 minutes, dropping the ash just before the band in a solid chunk. It wasn’t until the last 10 minutes that the actual cigar flavors came through, with a medium body mix of sweetness from the tip, pepper and a toasty earth, followed by a long finish of the same.

  • Eyeluvwied

    I’ve never understood why companies use fine tobacco’s in infused cigars. Why ruin a nice tobacco with a flavor? Seems a bit lazy, like they don’t want to take the time to perfect a blend. Granted, flavored cigars are extremely popular, I just don’t see the “premium” in them. That’s my two cents anyway.

  • Chaz


  • E

    Dude, there is a creepy lizard or something on your fence near the end of this video.

  • MarvC

    Flor de Oliva has a sugary sweetness too. But it’s so nice. 20 sticks for $50 they’re an amazing bargain!

  • playersrun1

    after trying a “regular” from the Natural line, i had to try the Dirty Torp. the sweetened tip gave it that additional flavor/taste that pushed it over the edge and left me longing for another. too many great cigars in the Drew Estate lineup!

    • playersrun1

      finally tried the Pimp Stick i had in the humi. i thought it was going to be like a regular Natural, but with a sweetened tip, but it didnt have the sweetened tip, so i was a little disappointed there. the 6 x 52 perfecto only lasted 30 min, so that was a little disappointing as well. i think ill stick with the Dirty Torp, Dulce, Negra or Cafe con Leche if i want a sweetened tip cigar.

  • braden302

    Are all of Drew Estate cigars flavored? I was under the impression that the Natural cigars were unflavored but I’m apparently mistaken.

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