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Drew Estate Java Maduro Corona Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 31, 2012
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Drew Estate Java Maduro Corona Cigar Review

This boxed pressed 5×44 stick features a very dark brown wrapper with an oily sheen, mottles colorings, minimal veins, tight seams, sharp pressed corners and extremely potent aroma of a sweet chocolate and coffee. This is a cigar that needs it’s own humidor, away from non-infused cigars, I’m not kidding. First light reveals reveals a slightly snug draw with rich medium bodied flavors of a smooth creamy and sweet chocolate and bit of coffee, but not as overpowering as you would expect from the aroma. The finish is long and smooth carrying the same flavors with an artificial sweetness on the lips. The first third burns fairly quickly typical for the smaller cigars. Flavors actually mellow a bit, with the same combo plus a bit of pepper on the finish giving a bit of a tingle over the tongue. Smoke output is voluminous, draw is excellent. 30 minutes in the 1/2 way point comes and goes with no changes, the ash holding on just about an inch at a time. Ending down at the nub at the 50 minute mark the last third showed no further changes, continuing the same great construction and flavor profile. Thank you very much to Robert Felo for generously sending this in for review!

  • sixstring

    Great review as always! My first cigar was the Drew Estates Isla Del Sol. Have also enjoyed the Java Latte and Java Maduro. Haven’t tried the Java Mint yet that was just released not too long ago!

    • Bondo

      I was looking for the Maduro today, but my favorite shop only had a shorter, larger stick called JaVa Latte. 6 x 64? Only after seeing your comment and Bryan’s review just now did I realize the Latte was also a DE stick.

  • drjwall

    The flavors weren’t as complex as I was hoping for, burned great though, no flaws with construction.

  • Greg Bellante

    sixstring; I sent in a Isla Del Sol and when Bryan reviewed it he was totally taken by surprise as he didn’t know it was a flavored cigar and the expression on his face was classic. Best and most entertaining review he’s ever given.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    This is my hands down favorite cigar to date. I get a 5 pack in Toro for $24 from JR Cigars…that’s less than $5 a stick (I usually pay about $7-8 per stick for singles in my local cigar shop. I love this cigar!

    • iseedro

      a five pack for $24 that sounds awesome

  • iseedro

    sounds like i need to go shopping this weekend for some java

  • iseedro

    cancel my last comment i just bought one after work and it was a whole lot of awesome

  • MaxDuo

    I tried this one out after having seen someone say it was a good “in between” for those who like flavored and those who like regular ones. I wasn’t really that huge of a fan of it.

    It did have a completely perfect burn with solid ash though. Drew Estate knows what they are doing when rolling cigars!

    –Oddly enough I also tried the Mint Java, which a lot of people said they hated / liked less than the Java and I liked that one better. It seemed like the artificial sweetener wasn’t nearly as strong and the whole stick seemed more balanced on the “fake flavor” front than the Java was (which took about 1/2 of the stick before blasting me w/ the sweetener.

    • mrdaveii

      I prefer the java over the mint. I love how the “taste and smell” do not match the actual smoke. I think it is a nice contrast.

      Ps. I have the 58 size.

  • dwtate5

    a couple of years ago my uncle had a few of the java latte maduros. he just used his pocket knife and poked a hole in it. should we have cut the end.

  • pdaug0511

    Drew Estate’s definition of maduro-
    Add more dye and chemicals to the leaf until it is black.

    • AngSolo

      Is it dyed? Artificial sweeters? I thouhgt they were supposed to be infused by placing them in special rooms with coffee and chocolate. I certainly don’t want to smoke dye and any non naturally occuring chemicals.

  • viewer_tan

    I just tried the Java Mint tonight at my local JR Cigars… it’s smooth… but the mint just barely overpowers the java flavors. Great burner, just snug enough draw (perfect cutter) and the ash is pretty dense

  • Bigdave

    These cigars are great. No cheap but good.

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