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EP Carrillo Short Run 2012 Reinados Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 27, 2012
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EP Carrillo Short Run 2012 Reinados Cigar Review

This 6.25×60 stick features a very thin soft dark tan wrapper with dry texture, minimal veins, tight seams, triple cap and rich milk chocolate aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful medium bodied smoke production giving smooth creamy flavors of a sweet tobacco and a long earthy finish. The first third brings the body to a medium-full still with perfect construction. Flavors remain a creamy earth with a bit of a twang and a bread coming in at the end of the draw, while the finish is growing parched and short. 40 minutes in nearing the 1/2 way point flavors have shifted to a dry parched tobacco dropping the creaminess. The finish is very long carrying the same flavor to the next draw. 1 hour in the last third starts by shifting to a slightly sweet creamy textured wood, with the long finish of dry tobacco remaining. Ending at 1 1/2 hours the last bit returned to just a warn dry tobacco. Thank you very much to viewer Mike for providing this for review, I really appreciate it!

  • JJO

    I’ve read some very positive reviews of this, but they were for the smaller vitolas. I have an Invictos awaiting the flame, so we shall see.

    Will you be entering the Hemingway beard contest? 😉

  • 91boz

    Really like your reviews! Your tastes are similar to mines so keep up the good work1
    LOL–I noticed that there were some critters running along the fence around the 2:00 min mark.

  • dgrambo

    You should try the EP maduro, in a traditional size.

  • SLCigarClassy101

    I’ve heard a bit about the Short Run line by E.P. Carrillo. That each year they only make a limited line of the blend but in various sizes.I’ll have to check the stick out sometime, sounds tasty!

  • Daniel.A

    maybe you guys won’t believe this but i got a short run vintage for free. my brother and i would get so many cigars from our local shop and well i think the guy just got tired of us not trying this cigar. he gave us one each with a free cutter. how awesome is that? my favorite shop from orange county in which i live. can’t thank the guy enough. i DEFINITELY recommend this cigar from e.p. who enjoy medium to full body. a NICE smoke believe me.

  • yosef5

    I am smoking one of these now.It is a robusto with the same things you are saying.

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