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Padilla Cazadores Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 19, 2012
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Padilla Cazadores Toro Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick features a dark brown smooth and soft wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap, light firm pack and rich chocolate and hay aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw, good smoke output with a mild-medium dry tobacco core with a bit of sweetness and creamy texture. The finish is long and carries the tobacco core through with an oil on the lips. The first third is dominated by a dry bitter grass and small shot of tobacco core only on the draw. The finish is very long and full just giving the bitter tastes, not enjoyable whatsoever. 30 minutes in almost to the 1/2 way point, the ash is holding on very well still in one piece, the draw and smoke production is perfect and the burn is very good. Body is up to a medium-full still holding to the tobacco core, slight bitterness, but dropping the grassy vegetable like flavors for a black coffee. 50 minutes in the last third starts by finally dropping the bitterness, going with a medium bodied cinnamon and creaminess with the same long finish. The slight transition proved to be fleeting, with the last 15 minutes of the stick going back to parched bitter coffee, ending at 1:20. Thank you very much to the Hemry brothers, Brian & Brandon for sending this for review!

  • Spencer G

    Awesome review as always sir! Hope you’re feeling better! All the best

  • King

    Digging the beard bro.. and nice review

  • Bill O

    Thank you for the review Bryan. I think I’ve watched most of your reviews and I have always been amazed as to how few real dogs you end up with. I unfortunately hit about 1 in 6 when trying new cigars. I do like how the occasional bad ones really enable me to focus on the attributes of the good/great ones. Thanks Again!!!

  • JJO

    I’ve had a few of these and have not had the problem with bitterness. More of a woody core with some of the slightly sweet coffee and cinnamon spice.

    • Same size?

      • JJO

        Both this size and the robusto. Since this is one of their budget lines, it’s possible that consistency may be an issue, but I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve smoked.

        • rkje615

          I bought a ten pack of the Robusto, the first couple were kind of mehhh. Let them rest in the humidor for a couple weeks and they really improved. I’m not good at flavors, I just know when I like a cigar. By the time I smoked the last one I had decided that I would buy these again; just let them age a little first…

  • billmack2020

    Right on the money with this review….. I hated the first 3rd of the stick and actually through it out…. I received five in a sampler pack… So I have 4 more… After reading your review I will try another one and try to make it through to the 2nd 3rd of the stick to see if I can find some enjoyment out of this one …..

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