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Winston Humidor Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 7, 2012
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Winston Humidor Review

This review was made specifically as a promo video for cigarhumidors-online.com, thus the opinions and slightly unusual review format. Nonetheless the review is 100% accurate.

  • Marc

    WOW …! That’s really nice.

  • Gurneymonkey

    Thanks for the great review Bryan!
    I showed this review to my wife & she took the hint :-). I just got this for my birthday yesterday!
    Let me tell you the video does not do it justice. In the review it looks like a really nice humidor. In reality this humidor is simply beautiful.
    One odd thing is that although on the website it is called the Winston humidor, when unpacked it had the name “The DALMORE” in white lettering on the top. No complaints though. Whether Winston or Dalmore this humi is gorgeous.
    I have been recommending your site to all my cigar smoking friends.
    Keep up the good work & thanks again.

    • swj045

      thanks for the ideal about the birthday.Ill have to try it on my next birthday.

  • James

    I have to say that i just got a humidor from first class humidors. I opened the box and it is beautiful! I got the oxford 500-600 count cabinet. I was so stoked until i get to attaching the legs, the first three go on fine and the fourth one won’t attach because the wood piece is upside down!!!!!!! WTF? Can’t people just be slightly observant? It’s quite obvious at a glance and should be something that was caught long before it was at my door. 🙁

  • Bpope31

    Another great looking humidor. Do all of their humidors have the steel plate magnetic feature or is that just a high end perk. I have a very nice looking 25-50 count but it has magnetic spots stuck on in a pre-arranged fashion. I would love to have that feature in my next humidor. Very cool.

  • MaxDuo

    Very nice humidor. Gorgeous. I LOVE the magnetic top idea… though personally I would prefer it to come with a digital hygrometer, magnetic cutter (who am I kidding… I’d still use mostly my perfect cutter and the one in there would be pure decoration unless I lose mine and my backup), and instead of a foam humidifier… some kind of holder for beads instead would be nice.

    Of course I know those would cost more and drive the cost up / be optional to add on. Just little preferences that would make it that much nicer.

  • swj045

    great looking box,love the strips.digital hygrometer would drive the cost up but well worth it.

  • vscarpine

    I would really like the magnetic top since I dont really have that much space..It would save space to but my cutter in there

  • zanlamb

    This looks stunning.

  • HerbalJedi

    This thing is so fresh, I want one. I wonder if the wood is solid ebony or just veneered? For the price I doubt its solid. Still a beautiful humi though.

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