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Blanco Cigars Nine Double Corona Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 15, 2012
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Blanco Cigars Nine Double Corona Cigar Review

This 7×52 stick features a rich milk chocolate slightly lumpy handrolled wrapper with a couple small veins, tight invisible seams, even slightly spongy pack, double cap and rich barnyard aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful smoke output giving medium-full body flavors of a soft muted creamy textured tobacco with a big sugary sweetness that holds through the finish. The first third mellows a bit to a medium body holding the same great core of flavors and the candy like sweetness, still with perfect draw and smoke output. Burn isn’t razor sharp but doesn’t need any attention. 30 minutes in near the half way point flavors remain the same and the ash drops in solid inch chunks. 55 minutes in at the end of the 2nd third flavors shift to a slightly sweet creamy nuttiness with a bit of earth on the draw only. The finish is very long now, holding the same flavors through to the next draw. 1:10 minutes in the last third continues to transition, bringing a caramel sweetness, keeping the nut and adding a very deep substantial earth especially through the finish, which is smooth but goes deep in the back of your throat. Strength and body are both up, pushing medium-full giving a good kick. Ending at 1:30 minutes the last bit showed no further changes. Thank you very much to Blanco Cigars for providing this sample for review!

  • JJO

    Nice new band on these. The Nine is one of my favorite smokes. I haven’t had this size, but have had the toro, torpedo, and lancero, which is my favortite (when it’s not rolled too tight). Definitely one of the most overlooked and underhyped cigars out there, perhaps because they’ve generally stayed away from the big online retailers. Thanks for shedding light on this vitola.

  • david121

    Great review Bryan. This stick sounds really good so i’ll be on the lookout for them!

  • Fabbio

    does anyone know where would be best to source these online and what other sticks from Blanco to test out?

    • JJO

      Right now, it seems that the best way to order would be directly from Blanco or maybe Famous. Dave told me a while back that they prefer to concentrate their sales to B&Ms, so you could always contact them for a retailer near you.

      I enjoyed the Exclusiva de Familia in Connecticut (haven’t had the maduro), but was not exactly blown away by the core lines, although I thought the Sumatra was pretty good. The Nine remains far and away the best of the bunch in my mind (and a personal favorite), particularly the lancero and then the toro. I’m still waiting for Bryan to review the JT Limitado.

      • Ug, keep waiting! lol it’s a beast. I’ve had a couple, it kicks my ass. Think nine minus a bit of flavor with 3x the strength in a 2 hour smoke. It’s for ligero junkies.

        • JJO

          LOL, Dave told me it was “like the Nine on steroids”. I guess he wasn’t kidding. So does this mean we won’t get to see you morphing between green and purple?

          • I have some – can’t say I’m in ANY hurry to have another 😉

      • Fabbio

        Oh the joys of living north of the border. Checked 6 b&m 4 advised of the superiority of Cuban sticks despite never hearing of blanco. One looked like a deer in the headlights the other offered to get some 9s for me at $21cad a stick. Thank god for us po boxes. Buffalo here I come. I will def try your suggestions and order online.

  • rpharmrx

    No problem ordering from Blanco.. my cigars have a band at the foot, different from your sample. Great cigar, as you have noted!

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