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Berger & Argenti Entubar V32 Tremendo Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 11, 2012
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Berger & Argenti Entubar V32 Tremendo Toro Cigar Review

This 6.25×56 stick features a very dark brown maduro wrapper with minimal veins, a very firm even pack, smooth oily texture, tight seams, triple cap, an oily rich tobacco aroma and a unique foot with part of the filler extending 1/4″ from the foot for appearance. First light reveals a perfect draw with thick but minimal smoke output, medium-full body flavors of a smooth oily tobacco with a big pepper and spice kick especially through the long finish. 10 minutes in flavors mellow to a medium body of smooth oily tobacco with a short clean finish. Draw and burn are both very good, not needing any attention. 45 minutes in just past the half way point, construction is exceleent, the ash falling in one big chunk, flavors are just about the same with the only shift being the addition of a nice cream to the mix. 1 hour in starting the last third, the tobacco core is replaced by a creamy wood flavor, mixing very well with the pepper on the long finish. Ending at 1:15 the last bit showed no further changes. Thank you very much to Berger & Argenti for sending this for review!

  • The purpose of the fuse at the end, for lack of a better term, is to virtually ensure a conical burn, which is partly responsible for the long ashes these cigars produce. One thing’s for sure, if you like the flavor profile, which is unique, rich, with a bit of balancing sweetness, albeit strong and peppery, they are worth the $10+ for consistency in flavor and construction stick to stick throughout their line. It is my opinion that this is also one to recommend to OUTDOOR smokers. This is a topic that is seldom discussed, but unless you live in, say, Florida or New Orleans where it’s always relatively humid, certain cigars do much better outdoors than indoors due to their construction and how they burn. I would say that these, along with the Liga Privadas and Undercrowns would make the start of a list for cigars that are great for smoking outside, while cigars that are more prone to tunneling or have a thick wrapper that won’t seem to stay lit evenly would seem to be better enjoyed indoors. Any thoughts?

    • Nope, as I said, it’s just for marketing. The burn has nothing to do with a 1/2″ of tobacco sticking out the end. I talked to Albert years ago about it when the original Entubars featured it, I almost even did the photos for the ads.

  • Bill O

    Thank you so much Bryan. Great review once again!

  • I get kinda tired of these gimmicky tricks to try and sell cigars.

  • edh

    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for another great review. I really appreciate the fact that your reviews are thorough, have solid production quality, and minimal BS.

    With respect to your two Berger & Argenti Entubar V32 reviews, you left out one important detail–which vitola do you like better?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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