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La Palina El Diario KB a.k.a Kill Bill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 3, 2012
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La Palina El Diario KB a.k.a Kill Bill Cigar Review

This 4.25×40 stick features a dry dark chocolate brown wrapper with a very firm even pack, minimal veins, tight even seams, triple cap and pungent manure aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw, plenty of rich medium-full bodied smoke giving rich oily flavors of a spicy, peppery earth and tobacco with a long smooth deep finish. The first third goes in just 10 minutes, pulling body down to a solid medium, keeping the same flavors from the first light, with no strength yet. The 2nd third goes by in 30 minutes, adding a smooth deep sweetness with a cinnamon flavor, but no spice or zing, just the taste. Burn is perfect, the ash dropped off in one solid chunk. Ending at 45 min the last bit continued the same performance. Thank you very much to La Palina Cigars for providing this for review!

  • JJO

    The cigar itself sounds great. The price, however, does not.

  • DJIce

    Do most people want a quick cigar like this or a longer one? Apparently people can’t do it everyday like cigarettes because these seems to burn slower. So I guess my question remains, do people just want slower cigars or are fast ones like this compelling for a lot?

  • Outkast78


    BOTH. You want to have a variety for any situaion in the humidor. I have some quick 45-50 minutes sticks for those short days or my 1 1/2 hour sticks that can be enjoyed on the weekends with friends during some conversation & maybe a beverage.

  • paperman

    I gotta say, I thoroughly enjoy your reviews, and especially those “cat like reflexes” in catching,(or not), the ash-fall! My compliments to your dry cleaner! LOL. Thanks alot Bri’ for the education and entertainment!

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