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Drew Estate Acid Blondie Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 16, 2012
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Drew Estate Acid Blondie Belicoso Cigar Review

This 5×54 torpedo is of the blue line from Acid and is flavor infused. It has a thin medium tan wrapper with just a slick buttery feel, almost no veins and tight seams. The aroma is unique. Acid cigars are infused with oils, and this smells like something for Christmas. Very herbally, like sweet potpourii, vanilla extract, sandalwood, etc. First light reveals a great draw, plenty of light smoke and a very oily sweet flavor much like glycerin and candy. A bit of the potpourri flavor is there, but it’s mostly just sugar. The first third develops in to just a good amount of syrupy sweetness and a touch of the sandalwood. The finish is fairly long and overall it’s a medium body smoke. Smoke production and draw are fantastic, both easy and plentiful. While taking the bands off, huge amounts of glue slopped on the wrapper tore it open. Luckily the 2nd wrapper and binder held well enough to keep smoking. 30 min in at the 1/2 way point the flavors have changed to become a smooth sweet earth, while the special flavors are still slightly there but only come out on the long finish. Finishing at 50 min to the nub, the last third was the same since the 1/2 way point.

  • Anthony

    This is the first cigar I’ve ever tried. I still love them!

  • CigarFriar

    I appreciate the review though it seems very clear that you are not a big fan of infused/flavored cigars. I think the oils and flavors of an Acid cigar take away from the natural flavors and enjoyment that come from a natural cigar. It’s good to see you do reviews of cigars that your know are not going to fit your own personal flavor profile. Thanks.

  • danlarsen7

    I will NEVER smoke an Acid cigar as long as I live. You are not a cigar enthusiast if you need the natural rich flavors of a good cigar altered with oils and dye. May as well just smoke pipe tobacco or buy a pack of swishers. I buy these cigars for my girlfriend. I’m sure they are not your preference and your doing it for the consumer. With that said, I appreciate what you are doing for our society of cigar enthusiasts. We need more advocates like you to spread our love and admoration for cigars. Thank for all your accurate and non-bias reviews. I know most of the major cigar publications base their rating on how much advertising they purchase. Keep up the good work!

  • barr

    Hay Bry,very nice info you put out.Been watching you for a while and I find your style is really neat.I know your not a big fan on infused cigs,but what I really respect about you, is that you are honest and fair.Like you do say, “”some things are an OPINION”!!I have watched your previous reviews on D.E. and I have noticed in your tone that D.E. is definetly not one of your favorites. Nice! But I do like some of Drews lines.I have found myself going to you first befoe I venture out to grab something new.Like many feel,I am sure,it is great to have someone that loves the passion of the cigar industry,to publicly speak about this hobby.So GREAT job and a fan for life. Thank you again.

    • I have nothing against Drew Estate at all – I’m just not a flavored cigar fan in general, of any brand.

  • John

    i am totally new to this tried this cigar and loved are there any that resemble it in flavor and sweetness

    • Just the other acids, it’s very unique.

      • John

        what do you know about cao flavours moontrance carona and the quorum shade carona??? I purchuse the cao because i was told it was sweet. and i bought the quorum simply because it was affordable.

  • towerladder87

    Great Review as always. This cigar has a nice sweet flavor. I have had approx 20 of them and never had a bad one yet.

  • iseedro

    Im a huge fan of ACID cigars good review bryan

  • chc9470

    I love this cigar, but at my local smoke shop it carries a hefty price around $11.99!

    • vscarpine

      buy them online at CI or cigars.com or other online outlets they dont charge the tax like B&Ms do….I also love this cigar and buy them at cigar.com for only $6.45 each!

  • LunchBox87km

    Been seeing this cigars a lot lately but I had no idea they were so popular an I have yet to meet a person that smokes them or seen someone smoke one. Would be a good cigar to get a friend of mine started since he likes the flavored cigarillos

  • eric.hanson

    Had one of these in Kuba Kuba a few weeks ago. Good review, the thing was so sweet it was almost like candy. But I’m a salt tooth too, so I don’t think I’ll get anymore Acids, unless there’s some out there with normal cigar flavors.

  • Derek

    Im just finishing up my first one of these and probably my last, but it was very interesting. I wouldn’t turn one down as a gift.

    • Derek

      I did like the aroma of the smoke but i like smoking tobacco not fruit rollups.

  • pdaug0511

    I started out smoking these type of infused cigars, these were the only things I could stand. It’s funny how your taste changes because now I can absolutely not stand them. It just tastes like you get a mouthful of chemicals, and I can’t imagine they use high quality tobacco in these sticks because the flavors just mask the entire experience. My favorite was the Tabak line and the Java line by Drew Estate.

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