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La Aurora Preferidos Sapphire No 2 Tube Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 10, 2012
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La Aurora Preferidos Sapphire No 2 Tube Cigar Review

This 5×54 perfecto comes in am aluminum shaped tube and features a dark brown glove soft wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, a very light pack, slightly open foot and faint hay aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with tons of rich but thin smoke, medium body flavors of a light earth and wood with a short clean finish. The first third thickens the smoke with a rich earth, smooth tobacco and creamy wood, the finish is much longer and the burn is excellent. Reaching the 1/2 way point at 40 minutes there was no change. Ending at 55 minutes the last third brought up the body as the wrapper taped down, ending at medium-full with the same rich flavor profile and no strength kick.

  • Bill O

    While I love the Tiki torches during the nighttime shoots I really like how the clouds of smoke from a good cigar envelope you during the reviews in sun light. I can almost smell the smoke!, and I liked the quickened pace of this particular review. Thanks again Bryan!

  • puffrey

    I agree with Bill. I have a slight bit of jealousy setting in from the amount of smoke output you got from this stick.

    Really enjoy the structure you have in each review now. Excellent pre light description, initial flavor profile upon first draw, and then a breakdown of any transitions you experience.

    Keep them coming Bryan!! I think I am going to include a cigar for review with my next cigar lottery entry.

  • JoeMeatJr

    I was fortunate enough to be given one of these as a gift. Awesome smoke and thoroughly enjoyed. Ash held on for a little over half. Great review. Some flavors I can’t really pick out but I hope to develop my palate this spring/summer. The winter weather puts a dent in my smoking time since our house is smoke-free. Thanks for your time and effort.

  • danlarsen7

    Like I said before, La Aurora hasn’t produced a stick yet that I didn’t enjoy. Right up there with Padron and Fuente when it comes to quality and performance.

  • Jason

    I bought 2 of this a few months ago from my locale smoke shop here in Houston; I left them in the humidor the whole time so this past Saturday I pulled one out and went outside to smoke it. I had to relight it 2 times; mind you it’s been raining here nonstop for 6 days so I’m sure that had something to do with it. I enjoyed it very much, not as much spice as I like but still very nice once I had it light and going, Great review as always Bryan

  • PoisonAvi

    For me this was a winner! 4 STARS all the way (Out of 4 stars). Perfect burn and draw. Nice flavour.

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