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La Caya II Habano Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 8, 2012
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La Caya II Habano Churchill Cigar Review

This 7×50 stick features a tan wrapper with many imperfections, stretch marks, splotches and lumps. A very uneven roll, minimal veins, tight seams and a smooth dry paper feel with a faint grassy aroma. First light reveals a snug draw with minimal smoke output, slightly sweet smooth oily grassy flavors and with a mild-medium body. The first third has good burn, very even and consistent with good smoke output, and flavors of a smooth wood and grass with a slightly chemical sweetness that lingers through the long finish. Head construction is poor with no shoulder and a large patch coming loose above where the band would be. 40 minutes in near the 1/2 way point flavors remain unchanged, burn is very good, draw opened up a touch and smoke output increased. Ending at 1:25 where it got too hot for my taste, the flavors remained very consistent all the through, only changing to a dry parched mouth feel at the end. Thank you very much to viewer Ralph for sending this in for review!

  • PJSeg53

    I don’t understand why anyone would even smoke this garbage. Swisher sweets taste better than this crap

  • Scriptman44

    Way to take one for the team buddy!

  • Chaz


  • Dave_NL

    Nice music..

  • Hoax01

    You got to appreciate Bryan’s objectiveness in his reviews. This video is proof of it. Most (reviewers) would of just yapped your ear off about how they FEEL about the cigar instead of just talking about the cigar’s performance. Thank you sir.

    • joselo2uy

      Come on man, i believe you are in love with Bryan, give me a brake.

  • maccee

    Hey Brian, Just got bach from mexico….. Had a couple of Cubans. They seem to be sweeter than the rest of the cigars that I am used to smoking. maybe an anomaly but that was my preception . Any idea why?

    • LOL ‘mexican’ cubans 😉 Unless you got them at the Habano store…you didn’t have Cubans 😉

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