La Aurora Preferido Emerald No. 2 Tubed Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 27, 2012
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La Aurora Preferido Emerald No. 2 Tubed Cigar Review

This 5×54 perfecto comes in a beautiful aluminum shaped tube looking more like a fine writing instrument than a case. The cigar features a dark tan dry paper textured wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, a very light pack, slightly open foot and rich woody aroma. First light reveals a snug draw with good smoke output giving medium bodied very sweet, oily and smooth tobacco flavors with a bit of pepper and zing on the long finish. The first third opens up on the draw very well, increasing smoke output substantially shifting the flavor profile to a very tangy, creamy textured sweet wood. The rest of the cigar passes with no further changes ending at 40 minutes. Thank you very much to the brother than sent this in and wishes to remain anonymous, I greatly appreciate it!

  • JJO

    I would love to try these tubed Preferidos, but they are a bit beyond my means. Sounds great, though.

    Who was that masked donor, anyway? lol Kudos to him for the generous contribution.

  • JohnG

    Nice presentation and a great sounding stick but at $17 a pop…just too steep. Thanks for the review.

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