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EO 601 Blue Label Prominente Maduro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 27, 2012
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EO 601 Blue Label Prominente Maduro Cigar Review

This 5.5×56 box pressed stick features a dark chocolate satin textured wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, triple cap, very light but firm pack with a rich peppery chocolate aroma.  First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful medium-full body flavors of a deep oily smooth earth and pepper that builds through the long finish.  The first third brings tons of smoke, full body flavors of a rich earth, chocolate, pepper and oil combo with a heavy finish, room filling smoke output and fast burn.  Draw is perfect, burn isn’t razor sharp but it doesn’t need any attention.  30 minutes in at the 1/2 way point flavors remain the same, the ash dropped off in a solid chunk and the smoke output remains thick and rich, actually making my eyes water! Slowing the burn down the stick ended at 55 minutes where it got too hot for my taste.  Everything remained the same with the exception of the pepper dropping off in the last third. Thank you very much to viewer Larry Rothfork for sending this in for review!

  • JJO

    A very nice smoke, although I do prefer the Green Label. I’ve enjoyed all of the EO cigars I’ve had. I’m glad they’ve gotten away from those cheesy looking bands. I don’t know why they changed them in the first place.

  • Slizzard Lizard

    Sounds like a decent smoke. That pepper taste just gets a little overbearing for my palate at times. I will defenitley give it a try if I see one. Im also a fan of the no strength lots of flavor sticks…………Oh yeah, and I am super happy your back.
    Keep smokin 🙂

  • ParadiseCove

    Bryan..a couple of things. First..don’t tell me prayer doesn’t work..because when I became aware of your predicament..I did..I said a little prayer for you…ha!
    Now then..the definition of nervous is when one is about to view Bryan Glynn’s review of one of your cigars…sheeesh!! But as usual you did a beautiful job…thank-you!! By the way..the burn issue with that cigar was a surprise to me..the ones I have smoked have been razor sharp with a firm white ash..but your flavor notes were exactly what I have noted…thanks again buddy..you are the BEST!! And I ain’t kidding..regards, LR

  • maccee

    Brian, really glad your back!!! I like your reviews and was bummed when i couldn’t access the site. Keep up the great work,

  • swindleman

    Bryan thanks for posting these great cigar vids. I’m just getting into cigars and am 18, your vids are extremely informative and have led me to some great smokes.

  • Graham

    I’m a huge fan of this cigar… definitely in my top 3 cigars. Very smooth, very smokey, very full flavored! Thanks for reviewing it!

    • moosedude

      I agree. This cigar was a very pleasant surprise for me!

  • ParadiseCove

    Hey Graham…you mean I’m not alone..ha! ha! Amen brother!!

  • barney

    Picked up a box last week in robusto, after this review I cannot wait to smoke this stick, excellent review as always brother!

  • TheSmokingGunman

    That bad boy looked like the wrapper started to dry out at some point. Saw the binder protruding a bit. I’m going to try one of those this weekend

  • SoCal

    Another great, and cheap to have maduro ( <$3 sometimes, FSS, CI, CB etc )

  • bbarber

    Another favorite of mine. Great Maduro and reasonably priced

  • mrl4889

    Just had one of these as my morning smoke and man was it great! Deep earthy flavors, a little dark chocolate and a long peppery finish through the first 2/3s. Went perfect with my standard strong black coffee. 2nd EO brand cigar I’ve ever smoked (Espinosa Habano being the other) and I must say I am impressed with the brand. Good smokes!

    • JJO

      EO is no more after Erik Espinosa and Eddie Ortega split up the company last year. Erik now owns 601, Murcielago, and Mi Barrio; and Eddie owns Cubao. They are all still great smokes.

      • jpculp57

        I wondered about the EO being taken off. I think they are actually better now than last year. Not sure if that has anything to do with the split up, but these are damn fine sticks for $3.

  • zanlamb

    Thats another stick added to the favorit list.

  • eric.hanson

    Just got one of these in a sampler pack, can’t wait to try it sounds like it will be amazing! Great review.

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