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Obsidian Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 23, 2012
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Obsidian Robusto Cigar Review

This 5.5×54 cigar features a very dark almost black wrapper with slight discoloration and imperfections under the 3/4 length band. It has small veins, tight but visible seams, a fairly ragged foot most likely from a dull cutting station and a mild pepper and oily tobacco aroma. The texture is very firm and even with an oily slight toothiness. First light reveals great smoke output with medium-full body flavors of a thich very rich and smooth oily tobacco with a long finish. The first third develops the flavors to tone things down a notch, taking body to mild-medium but keeping the smooth creamy textures. A slight burned caramel is mixing in on the draw and the finish is growing shorter. 45 minutes in at the 1/2 way point body is up a tick to a solid medium, and the main flavor is creamy textured earth and leather, still with the bit of sweetness. 1:05 minutes in just starting the last third it completely went out on it’s own but after a quick ash tap and relight, it’s back to normal even pushing body back up to it’s start of medium-full with thick rich smoke. Ending at 1:30 min the last third showed no further changes. Thank you very much to the Hemry brothers, Brian & Brandon for providing this for review!

  • JJO

    I’ve been wondering about these. Guess I’ll have to check them out. Seems like the PDRs are always worth looking into. Thanks to you and the Henrys for the review!

  • danlarsen7

    It looks like it’s always nice in Holiday, Fla. In Minnesota were bundled up jackets and winter hats. I’m jealous.

  • barney

    as always a good review, never tried the stick, I’ll have to give them a try.

  • smokemifugotm

    Bryan really enjoy your reviews. I am curious when you review a cigar do you try just the one first or do you smoke a few of the same cigar and then do the review. For example in the case with this cigar the Obsidian Robusto I had two in my humidor. The first one was horrible, no flavor other than smoken a roll of hay. The second one I had reservations about even trying, but I did and it was full of cream and spice and an unbelieveable very enjoyable smoke. I had the same experience with the Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown and I believe these two cigars are made by the same company. And one other time with an AVO heritage…Where as one was great and the other very bland….. Just curious, makes you think twice before spending $$$ on a full box. I enjoyed the second smoke of the Obsidian Robusto so much that I did end up buying a box and will see if there is a consistency problem… Thanks again for all your reviews 🙂 FYI I smoke about 3 cigars per week and this has only happened a few times. So again, just wondering if you end up trying a cigar and it is just not good at all, do you try another the next day before making your reviews or is it one chance only?!?!? Thanks

    • Thanks for watching! When I have multiples, I review the last one. It’s pretty uncommon to have very different results, if stored correctly and you let them acclimate after shipping enough.

  • JohnnyStix

    Nice review, Bryan, thank you. I’ve read both negative and positve comments about the branding/packaging on these and for me, they grabbed my attention right away. I have an order coming in for the Obsidian “Experiment”, a sample box with one of each of their sizes and 4 bonus figurados. After they rest, I will feast. The quest for a reasonably priced, but tasty maddy continues. Keep up the good work; you make some of the best review vids on the net. John

  • playersrun1

    just tried my first one tonight–not a bad smoke, similar to what you described. went out once, and had to be re-lit. no tobacco or leather taste, which is what i like (the lack of those flavors), so this one was OK by me. picked up a few for $2/each, so even better.

  • Camshaft83

    Just smoked one of these that a friend of mine gave me for my birthday. I thought it was a good smoke but nothing special. I also had mine go out just after getting through the second third. All in all I look forward to smoking the other 2 that I still have sitting in my humidor but won’t be going out and buying a box any time soon.

    • Camshaft83

      Smoked another one of these tonight. I had some small burn issues but it didn’t go out this time so that is a plus. Loved the slightly sweet taste. Complements the earthiness nicely. I hope when I go to smoke the next one it has gotten even better just like this one did over the first one I tried.

  • Boucher207

    Just picked up one of these. Cant wait to give it a try. Oh BRYAN, you were right, the House blends I picked up were absolutely One dimentional not alot of flavor and not that great. haha

  • pdaug0511

    I have been wanting to try this for a few months now. After this review I think I will give it a shot. Thanks Bryan for the insiders.

  • MorganGeo

    Im having the luxury of smoking this one tonight. This is a pretty decent stick. It is a slow burner as mentioned in the vid. The packaging is what grabbed my attention when buying it. I also got some of those ‘burnt caramel’ flavors too.

  • rick remington

    As a fair newbie, I appreciate your reviews and try to watch one on what I’m smoking at the time. Allows me to see if I can pick up on the notes of what I’m tasting as you describe them. This one is pretty much like the review. Has been burning nice and sharp with no issues. Since this review is a couple of years old as are the comments, do you find that year to year there is much of a change in flavor profiles as say different vintages of wine can taste very different? THANKS MUCH !

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