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Feb 13

5 Vegas Miami M-5 Cigar Review

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2012 in Cigar Reviews

5 Vegas Miami M-5 Cigar Review

This 5.5×55 cigar features a dark brown oily, toothy firm wrapper with a couple small veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap and rich oily tobacco aroma. First light reveals extremely rich, creamy smoke both in texture and flavor, huge plumes of medium-full bodied smoke also with pepper and silky smooth tobacco and a surprisingly short clean finish. Draw is very loose, almost no resistance but with excellent output. The first third shows much the same great performance, just bringing down the cream a touch, more balanced with the other draw flavors. Burn is a bit quick, just over an inch down in 15 min but is almost razor sharp. 40 minutes in just past the 1/2 way point flavors are the same plus the addition of a roasted coffee flavor mixing in very well with the rest. The finish is getting longer, ash held on for the first third or so and burn is ok, just a bit wonky but self correcting. Ending at 1:10 min the last third dropped the cream as temperatures came up and the coffee rose in prominence. Thank you very much to the Hemry Brothers, Brian & Brandon for sending this for review!

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  1. MiKeY03 says:

    Great review I have to try this one I have it in my humidor and haven’t got to it but after your review may have to now sounds good!!!!!

  2. Twin1NAC says:

    Great review…I call this one my “Chocolate Milk Stick”…I get a slight cocoa-cream with hints of an oily milk flavor, hence Chocolate Milk. Love it.

  3. joselo2uy says:

    How do i change my profile picture ??????

  4. JJO says:

    I may have to revisit this line sometime. I didn’t enjoy the torpedoes I had. Maybe a different vitola might help.

  5. Greg Bellante says:

    Spot right on Bryan; Super Creamy Smoke, this has to be the smoothest, most enjoyable cigar i’ve ever had with the exception of the Habano MonteCristo#2. The very finest non-Cuban cigar i’ve ever tried . Great Review.

  6. Greg Bellante says:

    I just had another one of these beauties today and yep it burned a little uneven towards the last 3rd and it had a propensity to go out. That could be due to the incredibly cold weather outside but still a great smoke. Vegas 5 puts out some really good cigars. I am waiting for you to review the 5 Vegas Cask Strength cigar , it’s another winner. I hope someone send you one or maybe you have it and just haven’t gotten to it yet.

  7. NDO says:

    Would anyone recommend aging the 5 vegas Miami blend or are they ready as is after acclimating to the humidor?

  8. stevenknisley says:

    This review is really good. That cigar sounds very good. I want one.

  9. chief791 says:

    I just read that 5 vegas will be dropping the Miami. I think this is a big mistake. It is easily my fav blend that they make.

    • Greg Bellante says:

      Yep! You heard right, 5 Vegas did drop this fantastic cigar late last year. I personally thought it was the BEST cigar 5Vegas put out and i can’t understand why they would discontinue such a great smoke. If you noticed in all of Bryan’s reviews he has never came out with such enthusiasm saying “Super Creamy Smoke” with any other cigar so that tells you how good this cigar is. 5Vegas Big Mistake dropping this winner.

  10. bbarber says:

    Great review. Have added this one to my list of sticks to try. Thanks for a great review.

  11. zanlamb says:

    This sounds great. another one for the wish list. Can anyone recomed their top 5 smooth Creamy, Coffee, Chocolate cigars for me?

  12. mark4 says:

    Have a box on the way… Really excited!

  13. eric.hanson says:

    Love these, along with the Gold my favorite 5 Vegas out there. Also considering you ca get a 10 pack of them for less than $30 shipped on cigar sprint they’re a great bargin stick too!

  14. wcfennell says:

    I just had this cigar today and I personally didn’t enjoy it that much. I’ve had it in my humidor for almost 6 months aging and decided to give it a try. Throughout pretty much the whole cigar I was just blasted with a really strong peppery flavor in the back of my throat that washed out any other flavors. Other than that though the stick performed exactly as you described. Might give it one more try, but I’m not expecting it to grow on me.

  15. Corey says:

    This cigar reminds me of a DPG Cuban Classic, good cigar but stopped buying them and stayed with the original DPG

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