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San Lotano Maduro Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 28, 2012
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San Lotano Maduro Churchill Cigar Review

This 7×54 slightly box pressed stick offers a dark chocolate wrapper with very oily, slightly toothy felt like feel, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, several wrapper cracks, a large double cap and peppery chocolate aroma. First light reveals a slightly loose draw with good medium bodied smoke output and flavors of a very smooth and oily sweet tobacco with a pepper and spice on the finish. The first third brings up the body just a touch and increases the smoke output with tons of rich thick clouds. Draw is perfect with complex flavors of a smooth creamy textured earth, coffee tobacco, pepper and spice with a long smooth finish. Construction unfortunately is very poor, with multiple very substantial cracks in at least 4 locations spreading down the whole stick to the band. The binder is not holding as smoke is pouring out the cracks, but it’s still smoking well at this point. 25 minutes in at the tail end of the 1st third, flavors get bolder pushing medium-full body and add a nice cream to the mix both in flavor and texture. Even though the wrapper is in terrible shape, it’s not effecting anything, the burn and draw are perfect! 50 minutes in just past the 1/2 way point I took the first band off that was really keeping things together with the wrapper. Another tear was revealed underneath but still, absolutely no effect on the burn or draw! Flavors changed slightly adding a bit of chocolate to the sweetness and the earthiness got deeper. Ending at 1:25 the last third brought up the smooth sweet chocolate even more as the smoke got warmer, while the finish got even thicker. Thank you very much to viewer Carl Lindmark for sending me this in for review!

  • JJO

    Love this cigar. I haven’t had any problems at all with the ones I’ve smoked, just enjoyed the hell out of them. I just wish I could afford to smoke them more often. Great review and nice donation.

  • RageSto

    Dang. I just picked up an AJ Fernandez sampler, but sadly this stick wasn’t in it. Definitely going to pick this up in the future, though. If a stick can perform that well with those flaws, then they’re doing something right.

  • I smoked this in robusto just a couple of days ago. I love this stick and its definatley box worthy. Looks like you might have got ahold of a bad one with the wrapper Bryan.

  • sixstring

    My heart sank as I watched this stick I sent you begin it’s cracked wrapper drama. I blame either myself or the post office for possibly stressing this stick to cause the problems…*sigh* …because, out of the box I received for Christmas this year, every stick’s been as you described…flawless burn, rich voluminous spicy,chocolaty, coffee smoke. I’m glad despite the cracks it still pulled through in its performance!

    • Hey no worries – it was a champ! lol Thanks again!

    • JJO

      Hey, don’t worry, Bryan does that to all our sticks, LOL! Really, there so many things out of our control, and he, more than anyone else understands that. I could only wish that someone would have given me a box of these for Christmas! Nice contribution!

  • sixstring

    Lol! Tthanks guys, yes I was more than thrilled to get a box of these.hard to make them last, so “filling the in between” with all my Rocky Patel seconds (cigarbid, thanks for vid tip Bryan!) And a friend gave me this ridiculously large JFR 770…Yes its 7×70…may need a hacksaw to cut the cap!

    • JJO

      That’s nuts! I would be tempted to use a drill and a straw. lol

  • sixstring

    P.S….now I just gotta convinced my wife that a box of Padron 1964 anniversarys would be good! “Hang on to dat dream, pal!”

  • Eric G

    I have one of these sitting in my humidor right now. I bought it on a recent trip to Houston.

    After this review I’m REALLY excited to give it a shot.

    Thanks for the great video Bryan.

  • Bigulp

    I had a few of the San Lotano Habano, same wrapper issues, lots of cracks as soon as I removed the band.

  • Daniel.A

    smoking a san lotano habano right now. so far pretty good with a nice burn and loose draw. somewhat similar to the punch gran puro. on the draw of course. i think i like the maduro better

  • wcfennell

    Great review, you mentioned you have 500 to 600 cigars in the same humidor, what kind of humidor do you have. I’m growing my collection and would like to keep all of my cigars in the same humidor for the most part.

  • pdaug0511

    If anyone is wanting to try this cigar, I recommend trying the natural San Lotano oval. It’s sucha great smoke. I am not a fan of maduro cigars but this one is also nice.

  • Uncle_Salty

    Smoked this stick last night and it was great.

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