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Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 20, 2012
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Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon Churchill Cigar Review

This 7×48 cigar features a robust dark brown slightly toothy wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, a double cap, very firm even construction and an interesting aroma. It’s not the typical barnyard type manure, it’s more like fresh dog poop. I’m not knocking it, the aroma doesn’t mean much it’s just a point of interest. But this is the worst smelling unlit cigar I have ever had – just sayin! First light reveals a perfect draw, typical of Rocky Patel. Smoke is plentiful but thin and light with a mild-medium body of a slightly sweet tobacco and wood on the draw, growing short and dry through the finish. The first third is medium bodied with sweet, creamy thick wood notes on the draw, with a short clean finish that slowly builds a bit of pepper as the stick burns down, almost candy-like. 30 minutes in at the 1/2 way point flavors are predominantly the same with the wood flavor just getting a bit heavier overall. Ending at 1:10 minutes the last third transitioned a bit dropping the wood, bringing the sweetness up and adding a big creaminess to the mix. Draw flavors were thick and rich while on the finish it also showed a pepper that had been slowly building up along with a subtle kick of spicy heat to top it off. Construction was flawless all the way down. Thank you very much to Tom Long for sending this in for review, I really appreciate it!

  • JJO

    Mmm, fresh dog poo. I’ve read good things about this one. Guess I’ll have to track one down.

  • drizk

    Hei Bryan, just wondering if there was an buzz with this cigar. I know you like big flavor with no buzz. I love the Rocky Patel 1992 vintage, any reccomendations on great tasting, no buzz sticks? Thanks

  • drizk

    Sorry my grammar seems all jacked up….was typing on my phone…

  • Shmay

    Nice review Bryan. I can’t wait to try one of these 2003’s. I am particularly fond of the RP 1990’s, but this sounds amazing as well.

  • Greg Bellante

    I’m in love with this cigar, absolutely flawless construction, a beautiful effortless draw and loads of rich smooth creamy flavors. I went all the way and paired it with a 3 finger shot of Glenfiddich 18year old Scotch and a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with just a dash of Bailey’s Caramel Irish cream. Needless to say i was in Heaven for a hour and 50 minutes. This Cigar along with the RP Signature series Toro and the 1990 Vintage Churchill are the 3 best Rocky has out there. Great review Bryan, spot on as usual.

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