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Cordoba & Morales 19th Hole Maduro Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 16, 2012
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Cordoba & Morales 19th Hole Maduro Torpedo Cigar Review

This 6.25×52 stick features a very dark chocolate velvet soft wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, an even slightly spongy pack and faint barnyard aroma. First light reveals medium-full body flavors of a very peppery and spicy smooth tobacco with a long zingy finish. The draw is perfect and smoke output is very good, on the thick side. The first third burns quickly with a bit of a slant but has very smooth flavors and excellent smoke output. Body is still medium-full with notes of a nutmeg like spice, pepper, silky earth and a creamy textured finish. 25 minutes in at the 1/2 way point it transitions to a creamy mocha, keeping the nutmeg and smoothness, increasing smoke production and evening the burn out. Ending at 1 hour the last third showed no further transitions however the burn time significantly slowed down, with 1/2 the experience being just in the last third. Thank you very much to Cordobamorales.com for sending this sample for review!

  • Dave_NL

    What’s up with the mini-you?
    Nice review; not available in the Netherlands however.

    • You won’t find much other than Cubans outside the US, sorry.

      • Dave_NL

        I know, and they aren’t that good at all. Except for Montecristo. There are some caribbean brands not being Cubans that found their way into the Netherlands, but that’s only a small portion of all the brands available in the US. And shipping prices are just ridiculous. It sucks to not be a fan of shortfilles when living over here. But hey, we’ll manage..

      • barret

        Hi, as a newbie here in Sweden, the first suggestions I got from the store were their Honduran, Nicaranguan, Dominican and Brazilian samples. Also one Cuban… Not really missing any countries, but perhaps those brands that are dominant on the US market?

        Thanks for the review! Really looking forward to trying this one.

    • JJO

      Looks like they are available at charmedleaf.com and I believe they ship to international addresses (you would have to contact them to confirm, though).

    • ImCubanPete

      The so called “mini you” special effect was really cool Bryan.

      The review was dead on… great job.

  • JJO

    Great review, sounds like this is a company to take note of. I enjoyed your appearance on Kiss My Ash Radio, too!

    • Thanks for tuning in! I want to hear it myself on Wed when it goes live for streaming.

      • JJO

        It’s up now in their archives. I just listened to it today.

        • Dave_NL

          Wich one?

          January 14, 2012

          January 7, 2012


          • Dave_NL

            Sorry, found it:

            January 14, 2012

            Min 76:0

  • wcintro1

    You can access their Facebook page by typing Cordoba & Morales or by contacting them at http://cordobamorales.com/. They have a list of retailers so ask them if they ship.

  • Bill

    that is pretty good ,you in the background saying he talks to much,how did you do that.anyway it was a great supprise

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