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Yizheng YZ-709 7″ Professional Torch Review & Contest

by Bryan Glynn, January 2, 2012
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Yizheng YZ-709 7″ Professional Torch Review & Contest

This is a very solid, 7″ butane torch lighter, perfect for table top display, large groups, herfs, gatherings – you name it! With a gigantic reservoir rated for 1+ hours of burn time, this big boy will toast up boxes and boxes of your favorite cigars with ease. Construction is metal and very sturdy plastic with a safety lock switch, electronic ignition, optional base stand and large fuel valve. The flame is huge, able to tackle any cigar job known to man.

I almost don’t want to do it, but I will be giving this monster away in a contest! To enter is very easy, just leave a comment below stating what you would do with such a large lighter! For two extra entries, click the Like and Tweet buttons below! The winner will be randomly drawn in one week, Jan 10th, 2012. Winner must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the US. Good luck!

This prize and contest is sponsored by ButaneLightersWholesale.com – check them out today!

  • I would use this for when my hunting buddies come over and we dig into my stash of cigars while we BBQ. Another great giveaway!

  • Twin1NAC

    I would use this to toast an a very large CAO America or possibly an Alec Bradley American Classic, on the 4th of July and then set off a mass fireworks display without having to get too close to the ground to light them:) (Liked and Tweeted!)

  • jason

    I would use something like this for whatever I needed it for. Lighting cigars would come first(of course), but also lighting campfires, and whatever else I could use it for.

  • FGB490

    I would use this lighter at all of the herfs I attend so that everyone will not have to bring their lighters they can just use the monster torch.

  • stock93pgt

    i would use it everyday at my desk, i have been looking to get a large one that stays lit since i am disabled and can use only one hand!! hey i got alot of those special earth friendly ones too!!

  • boony

    Wow! Not only would I light my cigars, I’d light my buddies’ smokes, I’d warm my brandy/cognac with it out in my shed/”man cave”, heck, this sucker might just warm the whole shed for me while I’m in it smoking a nice Oliva Series O in the dead of our Pennsylvania winters! Wow, what a rocket!

  • ronc35951

    Keeping the 6×60’s even, lighting the grill, chasing the neighborhood kids with the lighter and a zombie mask.

  • hckd2pieces

    I am thinking of using this to light a Perdomo Champange from across the room. Then leaving the torch going to keep the room warm while I smoke my cigar.

  • Griff

    If I had this lighter there is no end to the uses I could find for it. Some examples are welding and soldering, repairing jewelry and melting down what I couldnโ€™t fix, plumbing and electrical work, removing pesky back hair, thawing ice in these winter months, making flaming drinks and carmalizing deserts, lighting the bbq and fireworks, scaring the neighbors catโ€ฆ oh yeah, but mostly lighting cigars with one hand while I search through the Cigaobsession website with the other.

  • mrl4889

    I would use this torch to light my massive propane heater outside to warm up my garage. 15 minutes later (once the garage is warm) I would use it to toast my cigar the whole reason I lit up the heater in the first place!

  • s5592c

    I would love to have a torch lighter that actually works, have a couple that I just can’t get to work right. Looks like this one will light your smokes or you could weld with it, LOL.

  • jacobk933

    What a monster! Cigars, campfires, Cigars, grill, Cigars…..

  • supadave

    humm what i would do with this torch is the obvious lol toast some good cigars an def prolly use it to work on car audio related jobs when i have the chance.

  • jacobk933

    Like = More Cigars, campfires, Cigars, grill, Cigarsโ€ฆ Buhahaha!

  • atoiota

    I would sit by my fire pit, light one up and relax.

  • Wyatt

    I’d light up all my Cigars with this.

  • ddgbrewing

    Light cigars, sterilize some of my homebrewing equipment

  • chico

    Keeping warm in my tree shack, waiting for bambi.

  • robber


  • twinac2

    I would probably use this to stop my sister’s dogs from barking, then to keep my sister from barking. Then I would use it to light up a cigar and enjoy the quiet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This lighter looks “hot!” Love it!

  • drdean

    I would light up on my friends’ cigars down at the windy beach this coming summer. Oh, I would light mine too!

  • Satch

    I do a lot of camping and there’s no way I wouldn’t get a fire going with that.
    The sooner done the sooner I can fire up a smoke.
    Double whammy!

  • I do lots of cooking, so this would be great in the kitchen or out with the grill. The cigar use is a no-brainer. I think I could also direct a small plane onto a runway with that thing.

    BTW, nice Beavis impression! haha

  • egs

    Torch in right hand
    Fire extinguisher in left hand
    Cigar in mouth…hopefully

  • Rick


  • sdh3237

    I would use it to light a fire under my Son’s ass so he will go out and look for a job. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cav8000

    Have my crew over and toast up some new Christmas sticks…

  • kdmckin

    I would have to think this would be great for platinum Lighting the grill, or Drew Estates new “my Uzi weighs a ton”

  • steffanan

    Wow, with this lighter, I would toast the crap out of a big fat cigar, and I could solder the crap out of a 0 gauge power wire, and I could melt pvc to bend it for different projects, and in its down time, it will sit in my vehicle, just in case I have to switch to survival mode at some point. I wouldn’t exactly be rubbing sticks together if I got stranded somewhere, shoot, I could just light the nearest pine tree ablaze with this beast!

  • Romano

    I would use it to light some good cigars with my buddies and protect my cigars from my enemies!

  • aamiller

    I want a Red Ryder 200 shot range-model rifle with a compass in the stock! Eh, I’d probably shoot my eye out.
    Besides, fire is WAY cooler!

  • MediaNoche

    Light up a JDR Gran Consul and toast some marshmallows while sitting out on the deck on a warm summer evening. Maybe use it as a rocket booster on my car from time to time as well.

  • bwatts92

    i would use it to light cigars, teach my friends about cigars, make creme brulee and if i am really bored make a flamethrower

  • Fuzzy

    That torch would sit in a place of honor in my man cave, really a gazebo. I have all manner if lighters and even a torch similar but does not appear to be the same quality.

  • Mikie

    I break my vacation time up,so I take (mini) camping trips every month,through the year. I would leave it in my camper to ensure I had lights for me and friends there.

  • JJO

    Light the grill, solder, roast peppers, burn weeds – hell, what couldn’t you do with it?

  • PJSeg53

    What a sweet torch… i would use this to scare the shit out of my buddy when he pisses me off, and of course for cigars.

  • Lee

    I would take it apart and build a model airplane out of it with a working jet engine. Then I would mount it in my office next to my cigar holder. I would setup a remote control device that allows the flame to start toasting my cigar as I enter the office.

  • Ok, that TORCH is awesome! If I had a chance to own that puppy, I think I would smoke all of the cigars in my humidor fast, go to the store to buy more, smoke them, watch more killer reviews from Bryan, buy more cigars, smoke cigars. I don’t think it would end. Just hearing that light up is amazing. I would travel with it also. Wouldn’t leave home without it.

  • Gentleman

    First I’d light up the Puros Indios Especial Chief Maduro I recently purchased for laughs. (It’s probably the only lighter that will do the trick)Then I’d drop NASA a call and tell them pack their bags we’re goin’ to Mars. I’m single handedly putting them back in the rocket game!

  • YoungLou93

    I would use this lighter to toast some nice gars with my buddies

  • Chaz

    I would use it when I inadvisably try to smoke in near blizzard conditions that even a solid conventional torch can’t handle, and in the summer- for cigar-centric BBQ’s.

  • dolguin86

    I would use it for everything . .cigars, Bbqing, bonfires, as a heater, theft protection, theft weapon lol jk, light source in the dark, welding haha, oh and if I win id have a bad ass story to tell of how I won it yeahhhhh!!!!! . . Can I have the matches to haha jkjk

  • bmarco

    I’ve been looking for a table lighter. This would be great. I would use it to light my nightly cigar and also to help me get these impossible to light logs that I have for a my fire pit. This should do the trick and if not then by the size of the flame, I will just use the lighter as my fire pit.

  • Craig

    I would LOVE to have this lighter! I know I’m probably blowing it by saying this, but I like the Beavis impersonation “Fire, Fire, Fire” and………. well here goes, you kinda look like Beavis as well.
    There you have it. Hope I’m still in the running. LOL

  • sjabari

    I would use it primarily to light up my stogies, but it looks like I would also be able to use it to dig the car out when we get one of those nasty Minnesota snow storms … bye bye shovel and bye bye salt


    I would simply replace the old zippo since by torch just broke and I hate the taste of lighter fluid lit cigars.

  • Daniel

    I would use it to melt some solder, my step dad would definitely steal it to use in the kitchen, and anyone in the family could use it to ward off intruders. Oh yeah and I might light a cigar or something too. :p

  • sjabari

    since I get another post (I did the FB like) … other things I can think of doing with it include getting the grill fired up faster, roasting a hotdog (firing up the grill isn’t always an option in the winter time), heating up my coffee (which gets cold fast while outside smoking a cigar; dang MN winter), and bragging about how I got this awesome torch for free!

  • mufdvr6976

    id torch up a box of gars!!!

  • Swede214

    I have not got a glue! I would be afraid to light my cigar, for lighting me! It would be cool to have it.

  • 91boz

    Wow Serious lighter! Not only good for firing up several of my tasty smokes but also useful for my golf repair hobby for shaft removal and assembly.
    Also could be used for starting up my Weber Grill for my next barbeque.
    Thank You for another chance for a free giveaway Bryan.

  • trevonator

    This torch is sick!!! I want it soooo bad!!! It would be of so much use to me!!!

  • trevonator

    I would use it to light my hookah coals and my cigars. I only have small lighters that don’t work and ruin the flavor. ๐Ÿ™ I NEED IT

  • E

    This torch would be primary for all my bigger ring-gauge cigars (e.g. My Uzi Weighs a Ton). For novelty’s sake I would use it to try and simultaneously light two or three of those bad boys. It would make for a great picture!

  • eric.hanson

    I would make funny faces and shout fire after lighting it and post videos of it on youtube like you did……….I would also light cigars with it.

  • IamIonek

    Let’s see where to begin lol. I work in the oilfields at night so I would definitely use rocket propulsion unit to keep the gremlins, bobcats, and rabbits at bay when im working. Then when im safe and back in my truck I would toast up some cigars and keep watch for those darn gremlins. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • murph630

    I want to be able to tackle any cigar job known to man!


    I would use it to start my grill, bombfire, fireplace, and cigars of course. HOPE THE WINNER IS NOT A๏ปฟ PYRO!!!!!!!!!

  • burntwilly

    I would NOT attempt to bring this on an airplane. But I would take it camping.

  • HumidorDiscount

    I’d fasten it to my longboard, and use it as jet engine! :-รž
    I bet this lighter gives some “roasty notes” to the cigar you light with. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • cm_tanelotti

    wow.. that would be a perfect for my collections… =)

  • Jpage88

    I would love to use it to toast my cigars ๐Ÿ™‚

  • fatfish601

    I would use it to keep friends away from my humidor. uninvited cigar herfers

  • KrazyKajun

    I would use it to make my friends, & especially my brother-in-law, extremely jealous…

  • ckgdrums

    Very cool lighter. I would use this primarily for cigars, and also some soldering, and a heat source for my man cave!

  • Eric G

    I would use it to weld the headers on my 1967 Camaro.

  • CigarStrawn

    I would use it for cigars, campfires, lighting grills, and melting snow off my driveway. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • hungoverharry

    I get hella street cred for that lighter with my cigar buddies.

    Id probably char the crap out of the first 10 cigars I lit lol



  • dolguin86

    Ok . . #2 . . Cigars, cigars, cigars!!!!!! . . And anything else that needs to get blasted with some intense heat

  • lcpleel

    sounds like this would keep a herf happy all day. good looking table top as well.

  • Justin

    Besides the obvious, I would offer to encourage my beautiful bride to make creme brulee and also warm up the sheet metal on my old car to massage dents out of it (Ok that one’s a stretch), but I could do it.

    Sorry Bryan, I don’t do Facebook or tweet.

  • primox1

    cigars, camping, more cigars, more camping!

  • Cigar2

    I would of course take it off your hands cause might get in trouble having that big sucker around. Like you might take someone’s eye out with it.
    Has to what I’d use for???? Well how starting up the earth’s core if it ever goes out. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • jelo1990

    I would one light up my cigars. An will also come in handy here at home. I have several project in line that I can use this for but the mainly use would be for lighting up my cigars.

  • Infms40

    I would use it to light up my cigar and while smoking finish carmelizing the creme brulee I would eat after smoking the cigar.

  • taronis


  • This would be great for use here in our Store at Cigar Town in Reston, VA. It would be incredible in our private smoking lounge for our members as well as sparking up a new stick for a customer. As well as me taking home after work, sitting on my porch, looking at he 3 fountains in my courtyard and lighting up on of my Opus X Scorpio Maduros. DEFINITELY a prize conversation piece as well.

    • I also put iton facebook (www.facebook.com/elangel0613) and on twitter (www.twitter.com/elangel0613) not sure if I need to let you know on here or not Brian.

  • pianoman178

    I live in WI, so it would be nice to have a lighter that doubles as a space heater ๐Ÿ˜€

    I would invite all of my buddies over for a massive herf, and light all of the cigars with it.

  • cheese75

    Would be great to use on the Fantail of the USS Abraham Lincoln whil lighting all of our cigars when we get to get a stogie in.

  • rgrogers

    Hey Brian,

    Great video! I would love to figure out how many ways you could us this “lighter”.

  • Jason

    Bigger is alway better! I could make a mean steak with this thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • dannykcha

    I would use it to smoke my Cuban Cohiba 1966 Edicion Limitada 2011 I’ve been saving!! Then I would sit down at my local cigar shop, and light everyone’s cigar for them!

  • puffer

    Use it to help me clean up after my wife.

  • stogey

    As an Alaskan… I could use this lighter to light my favorite stick, and then keep me warm on the frozen tundra!

  • cjmasucci

    I’m from Canada eh! This would be great to heat my igloo, make a new ice sculpture for my lawn, cut through the ice to do some fishing, then cook up whatever I catch. Good thing it has that long burn time it’s really cold up here eh!

  • torch86

    i would first use it to light up my liga flying pig and dirty rat then afterwards use to light everyone’s cigar at the smoke shop. Lastly i would use it to start my bon fires in my backyard, i have a small fire pit that i use in the winter so i can smoke outside. Plus they call me the torch because i always have the biggest flame at the shop and make sure that the cigar has been torched evenly around the whole cigar making sure its burning evenly. Only problem is my has torch has recently broken and now need a great torch to replace it with and to keep my title lol.That torch would awesome to have for all my torching needs. Good luck to all in the contest.

  • AuD2be

    I’d use it on my favorite sticks and on creme brulee

  • rhtomlinson

    Awesome contest bg. I would use this for backyard herfs or small underwater welding jobs around the house:-)


  • Leon

    I would use this torch for big ring cigars, which are usually my favorites, and for when my family and friends come over for cigars. Awesome contest, Bryan!


  • Skia

    I would use that for everything, cigars grills, campfires, woodstoves, and welding random objects together lol.

  • JohnG

    That’s a sick lighter. I would use it to start the charcoal in the BBQ and light some of those large ring cigars sitting in my humidor while the steaks grill. It would be a nice piece to place next to the stinky ashtray. Just hope I don’t burn down the house. Thanks Bryan.

  • Sportzfreeka

    I’d use it to light matches.

  • Wyatt

    Try not to catch the porch no fire while I was lighting up my cigars.

  • BigT06

    I would light a LP no.9 while I contemplated the other uses for this beast… the first one that comes to mind… melting pennies at parties!! Hell yeah!!

  • This lighter would be the centerpiece of a here between good friends.

  • jeffk

    I am going to get up all my buddies, stick a cigar in each of their yaps, line them up and see how many cigars we can light at once. Wonder what the world record is?

  • LappyTheCigarMan

    I would use this torch lighter when my buddies and myself are all sitting around are so called “cigar table” with some drinks watching a football game or just a typical hang out…

  • birch507

    I would use this for everything…. Including lighting a match….

  • micktorres

    I would have about 20friends over to celebrate the world of cigars

  • Stales33

    I would use this bad boy to toast up my favorite brand…Diesel!!

  • DarthBarf

    Very nice lighter. Gotta use it to light up the logs, right? Bigger is better.

  • An extreme lighter for an extreme cigar!

  • Friday

    I would hopefully not burn my house down!

  • robot devil

    Definitely use it when my boys come over to mooch cigars.

  • trevonator

    Man! I hope I win! This would be the only thing I would win in my whole life! XD. I’M SO PSYCHED!!!!

    • Sorry, as stated in the post it ended yesterday ๐Ÿ™ Look for more contests soon!

  • torch86

    who was the winner

  • Kace

    I saw one similar to this one at my local liquor store. I can’t remember the name of it but it was about $60 and it had the torch option as well as a lighter flame option for when you bring the cigar up to your mouth to draw in a few puffs over a flame.

  • zanlamb

    I just got a similar one to this the other day and just used it last night for the first time. It was awesome because it was blowing a gale!!!

  • Dirk

    That was hilarious..the Devil you are..

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