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5 Vegas Relic Perfecto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 28, 2011
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5 Vegas Relic Perfecto Cigar Review

This 5.7×54 perfecto shaped stick features a firm but uneven mottled pack and apperance, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, with a slight hay and earth aroma.  First light reveals a huge spice blast with pepper zing, some sweetness, tobacco and oily earthiness, very full bodied at the first few puffs. The first third tones down the spice a bit, adding a black pepper zing especially on the sweet and oily finish, with a good bit of creamy textured and tasting earthy tobacco through the draw. 20 minutes in almost to the 2nd third the detriments of the perfecto shape start to play in, with it needing multiple draws to burn and smoke well, the whole stick by this point going soft and mushy all the way down past the band. 45 minutes in at the 1/2 way point I had to touch it up. Flavors were unchanged, body went down to medium. One of my big pet peeves is globs of glue on a band and this had one, tearing the wrapper open on removal. Ending at just over an hour the last bit burned wonky again and went completely mushy and warm, so I ended it a little early. Thank you very much to viewer Matt Gass for sending this sample in for review, I really appreciate it!

  • JJO

    Great review. I’ve been reluctant to pull the trigger on these since I’ve read such varying opinions on them. Seems like a YMMV smoke in terms of construction and burn. The pictures at the CI website also show a much rounder head, so I wonder if these are now being made at a different factory.

  • rkje615

    I ordered a sampler from CI that had the 5 Vegas Classic and Gold variations and really like them. Smooth, creamy smokes, the Classic being a touch more spicy. I thought they were great cigars, especially for the price, $25.00 for six of each. Thanks for the reviews, love the descriptive nature of each..


    Great review I just activated my account what would be the best way to send you a cigar for review if I had one I was curious about your opinion on??

  • User Name

    When this cigar first came out, both the foot and the head were completely closed. Everyone was having such bad burn issues and “resting” the cigar wasn’t smoothing the flavors at all. CCOM eventually instructed people to clip the foot of the cigar before placing in the humidor when laying the cigar to rest. I noticed that your cigar was pre-clipped at the foot. Is this how they are now selling them or did the person that sent you this cigar pre-clip it?

  • Rob

    I bought a couple based on this review and am disappointed that I only bought two! It was seriously good IMO. Right on par with this review but I did not have as many construction issues. The burn was a little wavy at first but evened on its own and the band was basically free floating which was perfect. I would def buy a box. Btw, it rested for about 3 weeks before I smoked it. I assume more rest would only make them better.

    Bryan, did you get a chance to smoke another with better construction?

  • bbarber

    Another great review. Bought a box of these and thought they were Ok. The box was awesome. I actually did like the flavor but I think I’ll wait for them to hit the half price shelf before ordering more.

    • Rob

      I picked up a box of these on cbid for under $50. Bryan have you had a chance to try these again?

  • zanlamb

    I have had a couple of perfecto shapes and had nothing but trouble from them. Trying to keep them going is hard work. Is this what usually happens?

  • eric.hanson

    You know I see this stick all of the time on daily deals and think it kind of looks like a marketing ploy, but your review makes it sound ok, might give it a try.

  • Bigdave

    I have noticed almost all the 5 Vegas cigars have a loose draw and they will burn fast. They also have a light pack.

  • Bigdave

    I have noticed almost all the 5 Vegas cigars have a loose draw and they will burn fast.Light pack of fillers.

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