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Dec 27

Answering Viewer Questions About Cigars & Such

Posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 in World of CO

If you prefer to read the answers, here is a transcription: LINK

Answering Viewer Questions About Cigars & Such

  • swj045

    i have a lucky seven and it has always kept70% untill last week now around 60% I put another tray with beads in it but still no change. anyone have a ideal?

    • JJO

      Recalibrate your hygrometer and check the seal on your humidor.

      • swj045

        did the salt test yesterday,only 2degrees off.

        • JJO

          The only other things I can think of would be the seal or a radical drop in the ambient humidity in the room. Possibly time to re-season the humidor?

    • Derek

      Hey I have the lucky seven too, its a decent humidor but i had the same problem. I got a little crafty with mine and drilled a hole in the back and installed a small fan that i pulled out of an old laptop in the center of the top drawer. It circulates the air and keeps the humidity just right.
      I also had problems with some of the drawers getting really tight, i just sanded them down a little and they slide smooth again.

      P.S. don’t use that garbage hydrometer on the front

  • vscarpine

    Love these vids watched them when I started the cigar hobby and they really helped me since I didnt really know what I was doing haha

  • zanlamb

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a site in the UK that has a good selection of cigars like the ones reviewed by Bryan? Its hard to find a good selection or is that just me?

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    Question I thought of today during my mid day smoke. What do you guys do with your Cigar bands. I’m a sucker for cool art and it has gotten me in trouble before while trying out new Cigars, I know better now. However, I love the art on a lot of these bands so I keep all of them. Just wondering if anyone does anything cool with them. I’d like to display them somehow down the road but haven’t come up with a good idea yet.

    • JJO

      I flatten and save mine. Got a couple of boxes full, but I’m not sure what I’ll do with them, probably give them away. But as for suggestions, you need look no further than on this very site:

      • SsgtJerikUSMC

        Awesome thanks man. I’m still working my way through all of the 100’s of videos. Bryan has thought of everything!

    • Rob

      I have quite a few saved up but don’t know what I’ll be doing with them yet.

  • Kace

    Lol at the cheap plastic piece of $hit cigar cutter from Thompson. I think I ordered that kit too!

  • Andrew

    Do the veins in a cigars wrapper tell you anything about flavor or construction? Or is it just aesthetic?

    • Derek

      Veins won’t affect the flavor (that I’ve noticed), they are apart of the all leaves. Large ones can affect the burn though.

  • TigerToThe

    I just smoked my first cigar (casa de Garcia) and enjoyed the experience so I want to get into cigars more but want to do it right. After seeing some videos I have a pretty good idea of how to start, but just wondering the things I need to get my humidor started right and ready to fill. Thanks.

  • TigerToThe

    I bought 2 perdomo 10th anniversary champagne robusto cigars and me and a friend smoked them at the same time the day after buying from a b&m and about one third in both cigars developed bad cracking on the wrapper leaf to where taking it completely off was only option. Does anyone know what could be the reason behind this?

    • Buffalo Trace

      I just had the same problem with the same cigar. hmm. ??

  • Xavier4753

    So my buddy and I are wanting to get Padrons for our graduation night. So far I have narrowed it down to the 1926 anniversary and the the 1964 anniversary. I’ve seen the reviews you have done about both and they both seem to be amazing. I’ve smelled and held both and am having trouble deciding. These will be our first Padrons. Which ones did you enjoy the most? Maybe a suggestion? Our minds are totally open.

    • JJO

      Ah, here’s a new one for you in regard to cigar shop etiquette. Apparently, he went in, handled the cigar, put the stick up to his nose, and didn’t buy it. Poor etiquette or not? Speaking for myself, if I had seen him do that, I would not ever consider buying it.

      • Xavier4753

        I know that you don’t shove the cigar right up to your nose. Believe, I wouldn’t buy one that someone put right up there nose. Personally when I smell test a cigar, I hold it a good 9 to 12 inches away from me. Just enough so i can get a decent idea about its smell character. I feel that I practice pretty good etiquette when it comes to a shop.

        • JJO

          I believe you, and I apologize. I have heard of others doing it, and it is not appealing at all.

          BTW, congrats on your graduation. I hope your celebration smoke will be worthy of the occasion.

          I would still like to see Bryan address the problem, though.

          • Xavier4753

            It’s alright. Haha, I made sure that before I even stepped foot in the local shop that I had at least some idea of what and what not to do. I never touch a part were the mouth sits and I avoid even touching a cigar in the shop at all as much as possible. It’s just that with a high class brand such as Padron, I just wanna be sure that what I do purchase will be worth the high class price, especially with a buyer like myself who is a bit newer into the magnificent world of cigars.

            And as for my graduation night thank you. I’m sure that whatever the smoke turns out to be, just the company of 2 friends relaxing before starting the new experience of real world life will be worth more in value than any cigar :)

  • Pete

    Im looking for a good torch lighter. Have had the Black Ops and was ok but didnt last long. What do you recomend.

  • MJL

    I’ve been checking out your reviews and they all seem to be different variations of the same terms. Do you have any reviews where you say ” This taste like crap and isn’t worth smoking”.
    Personally I can taste things like earthy,leather,coffee,nutty, but I never had a creamy mocha latte with a cherry, as I have heard some reviewers describe.
    Also, have you tried the new La Gloria Black?


  • Texvet

    I’m pickin up what your droppin.

    Somewhere between puking out endless descriptions of exotic flavors with seasonal under-tones, and “this tastes great” and “this tasted like crap” are the better reviews.

    I start everyday by checking CO for reviews, because I find them some of best on the web.

    I also enjoy video reviews, versus written reviews, but that’s just me. I do recall Bryan tossing a cigar or two over his shoulder – which was great!

    It’s a balancing act. But to your point Mike – sometimes, I think you just gotta call a turd, a turd.

  • Chris

    Ok Im putting this up but am happy for any answers I get as we all come here because of the same thing the love of cigars…

    Ok I honestly don’t have a humidor but next month after completing some of my first year of studies and before starting my second, I wish to buy a few cigars (about 3) will it effect them much if at all if I keep them in a clear fridge bag in a cool part of the house, will be smoking within 7 days of getting them.

    2nd, as I miss out on so many over here in the UK does anyone know of any secure manufacturers in the states that would willingly deliver overseas.

    Thank you one and all,

    Enjoy your smokes.

  • Bombora42

    Hey Bryan,

    Got a bit of novice question regarding humidors. I’ve got your basic entry-level Bally’s IV, which comes with one shelf, and a Cigar Oasis XL humidifier. My issue is that I found that my hydrometer when placed at the bottom of the humidor comes in at about 70%Rh, but when the same hydrometer is placed on the top shelf, it comes in at about 64-65%Rh. Is this normal? Is there anyway to make the humidity uniform throughout the humidor?

    I’m a fan of your blog, and I figured if you were ever in need of more questions for another video that this may be an interesting topic for us novices.

    Thanks Bryan,


  • kraut80

    Hey Bryan,

    just recently discovered your web-site, an amazing work, hat down really. I like the reviews a lot (great close-up photos) but I enjoy more watching videos like this one, you way of answering the questions is just superb.

    However, I would like to comment one thing you said in this video, concerning Cuban cigars and availablity (or actaully the lack of it) of the other brands on non-US market. I live in Germany and most of the local shops I visited are very well stocked with various brands, including those from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaraqua, Honduras, Panama etc.

    I do understand the reasons why you don’t review Cuban cigars (apart from the fact that they are illegal in the US) but I am very interested if you ever tried some real Cuban Cohiba and if you did, what do you think of it?

    Best regards and keep up a good work,


  • Salamander

    I may have posted my earlier question in the wrong area, just wondering why you haven’t done any reviews on the Asylum line or Esteban Carreras?

  • Thrash

    I have a personal question about cigars and wives. How does your’s put up with the cigars smoking (even doing it outside) and the cigars everywhere inside? I’m not sure mine would.

    • Bryan Glynn

      I make sure to brush my teeth, use mouthwash and washup when I’m done and sometimes clothes go right in the laundry. Storage is in my studio part of the house. She has her places too :)

      • Thrash

        Sounds like me, except I don’t have as many cigars. I also keep “smoking cloths” in a garbage bag in the garage between cleanings. Thanks.

  • Utahraptor

    Bryan, I’ve noticed that the strength tends to go up in the final third of the cigars you review, and I’ve noticed it myself while smoking. Could it be that the nicotene is there throughout the whole cigar, and it builds and builds in your body, to the point that you feel it after you have been smoking an hour? Are there any cigars you have smoked where you detect the strength from the first few draws?

  • Captain Cigar

    I think this is in your neck of the woods. I’ll be in St. Pete on Sunday. Have you been to Ruby’s Elixir? It looks like the only cigar place where I’m staying.

    • Bryan Glynn

      Cool place, but not great for Cigars. Nothing right downtown is.

      • Captain Cigar

        OK, thanks. I’ll bring my cigars. I’m stuck downtown without a car, so Ruby’s is my only choice. It sounds like they are trying to get away from cigars and into more music. I’m having a hard time enjoying cigars on the road. Many lounges closing down.

        • Bryan Glynn

          Yeah there’s a TON around here just not right downtown St. Pete. It’s turning into more of a younger party/lounge district now. With the pier shut down there’s hardly any tourist traffic now.

          • Captain Cigar

            I found Central Cigar next to and “part of Ruby’s Elixir”. It was ok, better than I expected. I could smoke and drink, but for only an hour. they closed at 7pm on Sunday.

  • John Withem

    Great video Bryan. I really enjoy them. Very informative.
    I have a question on hygrometer calibration. I use a wineadore. I keep the temperature at 66 deg. My house temp. is kept at 80 deg. While I calibrated my hygrometer at the house temp. I noticed that there was a 5 % difference once I put the calibration package in the wineador. I think the difference in temperature influenced the winding spring on the hydrometer.
    I use the wet salt in a Ziploc bag method for calibration. Once I calibrated in room temperature
    I put the Ziploc bag with the wet salt and hydrometer in the wineadore at 66 deg. and it went down to 70% instead of 75%. Is it possible that the temp. change influenced the winding spring inside the hygrometer?

  • Thrash

    I bought this Oliva G at Famous Smoke in person. I smoked it outside and it cracked badly at the cap and the main body near the foot. I complained to the manager. He said the cigar is fine and it’s just the weather. It’s too dry outside. I’m smoked cigars in Vegas and Phoenix and never had this instant drying and cracking problem. Am I missing something or they full of crap?

    • TimB

      That manager was full it and I would not buy from them again. The cigar was not maintained by them if it fell apart like this. I live in Vegas and this only happened to me once from a shop with questionable storage. I never been back.

    • TimB

      That manager was full of it and I would not buy from them again! The cigar was not maintained by them. I live in Vegas and the only time this has happened was when I purchased from a shop with questionable storage. I never been back.

      • Thrash

        My thoughts exactly. Cigars International treats me better anyway.

  • Thrash


  • Thrash


  • A Huge Nerd


    First of all, thanks for all the work you do. It is appreciated. I was a casual cigar guy for about 20 years. I would but 1-3 sticks and keep them in a baggie, usually smoked within a week. Otherwise, I would get a cigar now & then from a friend or family member. I finally put on my big boy pants and bought a humidor and a sampler to get started. I seasoned the humidor and it was ready for cigars after about 3 days. I left the cigars there for 2 weeks before I started in. The first smoke was a Torano Exodus Gold 1959 Robusto. In my opinion, a very good smoke. I am going to ramble into my question now…

    Most of your review videos show close up photos of the cigar during the first few minutes of the video (fantastic pictures, by the way). On a couple of these I have seen very tiny green spots on the wrapper. Are these spots caused by mold or some anomaly in the leaf? If it is mold, what is the rule for going ahead with a smoke when it has molded? How much is too much? Is any amount acceptable? How can you stop it from getting worse once it happens?

    I was made curious based on a few of the photos. I am fortunate enough that I haven’t had any mold issues, but I’ve only had my humidor for about 5 weeks. I will be getting beads soon so I can throw out the green foam disc.