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1876 Reserve Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 19, 2011
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1876 Reserve Torpedo Cigar Review

This 6.5×52 torpedo stick features a very soft, dry slightly toothy dark tan wrapper with small veins, a few splotches and imperfections, tight invisible seams, even slightly spongy give, a nice head roll and a soft tobacco aroma.  First light reveals a perfect draw, medium body flavors of a very soft, creamy textured tobacco and a sweet kick, with a thick smooth finish and great smoke output. The first third settles the body down at mild-medium, with smooth slightly sweet and creamy textures again of a soft tobacco carrying through the long finish. There is a bit of harshness in the throat, due to young tobacco being used, very typical of these cheap dollar sticks. 40 minutes in at the 1/2 way point I gave it a small extra clip that opened up the draw slightly, producing even more smoke output and improving the draw to perfect. Body is back up to a solid medium with the exact same flavor profile while strength is slowly ramping up, at a medium-full right now making me just a little light headed. Construction is excellent with a razor sharp burn and great ash, although right at this point the stick is getting fairly warm all the way to the band. Ending at 1 hour with an inch remaining the last third continued to get warmer and went to a very dry parched nuttiness. Thank you very much to viewer Ralph for providing this sample for review!

  • primox1

    Mr. Glynn,

    Is there a nicaraguan buck stick that you can recommend? Nonetheless, I believe I will pick up some 1876 bc of your review, and of course, the value.

    A side question, do you prefer comments/questions left on your main page or youtube?

    • Leave them where ever you like, doesn’t matter to me 🙂

      There may be one but I couldn’t tell you what – country of origin is almost meaningless. You don’t get any specific qualities from a cigar strictly because of the CoO.

      • primox1

        Interesting. That’s good to know.

        Are there any cigars in the same price class as the 1876 that would you suggest? Im sure there’s no buck cigars out there that have the flavor profile that you particularly like, such as coffee, chocolate, leather and so on, but maybe something close to these?

        • The cheap ones I’ve been suggesting lately have been the barberpoles from labelyourcigar.com – check out my review

          • primox1

            Thank you sir.
            Any thoughts as to which cigar you will celebrate the new year with?

  • BMurden

    i just bought a bundle of these and i love them they have that musty wood flavor i love and i really like them way more than i thought i would thanks for reviewing them.

  • Wilson

    Thanks for the review, Brian. Once again, your review led me to a purchase. I snagged a bundle of 25 for $17 on cigarbid!

    Very happy to find a budget smoke that is highly enjoyable.

  • stevenknisley

    This cigar honestly surprised me because I didn’t believe it would even be smoke able for how cheap it is but it turned out to be a good cheapstick.

  • CWSfan16

    This cigar is a pretty good cheap cigar. I would recommend this cigar to anybody.

  • bbarber

    Makes me want to give it a try. Great review

  • smokethis

    One of the better dirt cheap sticks. I gave a few of these to my mailman and UPS guy who only smoke on rare occasions ,and they absolutely went insane over these. They loved them.

  • Mobleyjared

    What other kind of sticks are “cheap” so to speak? I want to find them and taste them.

  • pato1001

    sounds pretty good for only a buck!!!

  • zanlamb

    love the “splotches” description

  • eric.hanson

    You know I’m always really sceptical of really cheap sticks, but this one actually sounds like one of those that wouldn’t be too bad for under $2.

  • BCamara

    These are really not a bad smoke at all. I had one of these the other day in Robusto and luckily I was pleasantly surprised. They’re good enough for everyday or handing them out to friends and not feeling guilty you just gave away a premium or a crap stick.

  • dcpeters

    I tried one of these. The one that I had was most likely due to a dry humidor because it was from a gas station run humidor. It was pretty good, though, minus the wrapper kind of falling apart.

  • socks

    Great review. I too am always skeptical about cheap sticks but your review has convinced me to try one. They are on order. Thanks Bryan

  • lazyboy

    I’m always lookin for good cheap daily smokes. So I bought a bundle of these in robusto. There ok. That’s it. There just ok for that smoke you don’t wanna pay any mind to and don’t mind throwing out if something comes up. I was hoping they’d be better but there only a buck a stick so can’t really complain. I wish it came in a different wrapper to try. I think the rocky r4 is a much better stick and you can find them for under $2 a stick. Well the search continues. The perdomo fresco is also a good cheap smoke for around $2.50.

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