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Cheap Stick Shootout 4 – Alec Bradley Medici Cosimo vs. Camacho San Marco Robusto

by Bryan Glynn, December 5, 2011
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Cheap Stick Shootout 4 – Alec Bradley Medici Cosimo vs. Camacho San Marco Robusto

This is a comparison of two very inexpensive sticks head to head!

The Alec Bradley Medici Cosimo is a 5×52 stick featuring a dark chocolate maduro wrapper, double cap, a splotchy appearance with some small veins, a couple imperfections and patch, nice tight seams and a rich oily chocolate aroma. Yes, I realize I mispronounced Medici DUH!!! First light reveals a perfect draw, plenty of thich rich smoke with medium bodied flavors of an oily earth, almost a leather, with a good pepper zing through the long finish. The first third brings up the body to medium-full with rich thick smoke, flavors of a deep smooth earth and nice cocoa, dropping the pepper. 35 minutes in at the 1/2 way point the ash drops off in a solid chunk and there are absolutely no flavor changes – which is just fine! Ending at 50 minutes the last third shifted the creamy cocoa up a bit overtaking the earthiness, while the earth help on through the finish.


The 5×50 Camacho San Marco Robusto features a bumpy, tan wrapper with a slight green hue, a very delicate thin soft feel, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, a few imperfections and a rich hay aroma. First light reveals a great draw, tons of smoke on the airy side, medium bodied flavors of a very oily grass, but no bitterness like most grassy flavors. The first third shifts to a mild-medium body flavor of a soft creamy textured nut, with a short clean finish. It’s burning quite quickly, also putting off a good amount of smoke just sitting in the ashtray. 20 minutes in well in to the 2nd third, the ash falls off in a solid chunk, flavors are up to a solid medium body with the same nice creamy textured nut but adding a deep sweetness almost to a caramel – they mix very well. Ending at just 35 minutes with an inch remaining the last third showed no further changes.

Thank you very much to viewer Cesar for providing these sticks for review and requesting the heads-up comparison!

  • AshedRobusto650

    Thanks for your reviews. I have always had interest in aromas and flavors from my surroundings (cooking, gardening etc.) but perhaps a little more since watching your videos. Each one of theses experiences have been useful perceptual references so far whenever I taste different stoogies. Your rigorous and spontaneous approach is also very appreciated. Keep up the good work! 😉 Blessing to the wallet and palate!

  • JJO

    Nice work. I’ve been eying up the Medici. The San Marco doesn’t sound too bad, but I expect a lot more than 35 minutes out of a robusto.

  • cm_tanelotti

    Thanks Bryan for doing the review.. I like the Medici and the San Marco is kinda unique mild cigar. They are affordable and enjoyable. It proves them good because you are speechless.. lol

  • Swede214

    Hi Bryan, that was good, I enjoyed that, and looking forward to more of the inexpensive cigars for review. This is a good time to be a cigar smoker, there are some very good cigars that we can buy for a reasonable price.

  • Bigulp

    Not sure these are true Cheap Sticks though, they seem like they are priced to reside around $3 to $4 bucks a stick.

  • bbarber

    Another good review. Thanks for the comparison

  • Boucher207

    You should have another cheap stick shoot out, im always looking for that new every day cigar!

  • Dirk

    I will be trying the Alex Bradley… a friend told me they were great for the money. Your video confirmed it for me.. thanks as usual for another great review.

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