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Emilio AF1 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, October 21, 2011
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Emilio AF1 Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick features a very dark almost black wrapper with lumps, a firm thick wrapper oily sheen, slight tooth, minimal veins, tight seams, double cap and a rich chocolate and barnyard aroma. First light reveals a slightly snug draw with plenty of thick rich smoke output and flavors of a slightly sweet creamy earth with no pepper or spice, just a rich medium bodied mouthfeel and long sweet finish. The first third brings out a sweet creamy chocolate and earth combo with a bit of pepper on the finish. Flavors are very rich oily and bold, sticking with you all the way to the next draw. The burn is very good and the draw opened up slightly to absolutely perfect. 40 minutes in at the 1/2 way point the flavors shifted just slightly bringing the chocolate down and the earth going more to a leather. Construction and burn is absolutely perfect, not needing a moment’s attention. Ending at 1:05 the last third turned to a warmer, deeper earth flavor and added a dark espresso to the draw, keeping a creamy earth finish. Thank you very much to EmilioCigars.com for sending this for review!

  • Swede214

    Hi Bryan, will have to find the Emilo AF1,sounds like I might enjoy it, any reason that you do not mention the price’s on any of the cigars you review?

    • I don’t bother with price because it varies 2x-3x depending on which part of the country you are in. It is what it is, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

  • Justin

    It is unfortunate there is almost no outlet on the west coast….and no online retailers. Kinda irritating honestly, when it looks and sounds so good.

    • JJO

      Justin – Gary recently said that he now has a sales rep here in the Northwest and also is hoping to expand his presence in California.

      I was gifted one of these in the robusto size and while the flavors were great, the wrapper cracked on me in the first half, causing several touch-ups. Most likely a storage/humidity problem on my end. I hope to get more whenever they finally wind up in stores here.

  • puffrey

    This is one of my favorite all time sticks! Ive enjoyed everything that I have gotten from Emilio thus far, even there lesser know line, the Series H, is right up there as far as quality is concerned.

    May have to send you a Series H to see what you think about it Bryan.

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