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Padilla Habano Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, September 25, 2011
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Padilla Habano Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×50 stick features a dark cocoa wrapper with a double cap, thick slightly toothy feel, a couple medium veins, prominent seams and a peppery hay aroma. First light reveals a very snug draw putting out minimal smoke with creamy, smooth, slightly sweet wood flavors with medium body. The first third carries the same experience adding a nice pepper and spice on the end of the draw through the finish. The burn is perfect with tight bright white ash and the draw while still snug is producing adequate smoke. The 2nd third transitions a bit dropping the little spice and adding a nice burnt caramel flavor, making it a very syrupy mouthfeel. Draw opened up just a bit drastically improving smoke output. Flavors are medium-full and there is a bit of strength kick but nothing strong. Ending at the hour mark, the last third goes to desert like flavors of a creamy chocolate very quickly shifting to a smooth creamy espresso, carrying the caramel on the finish. Thank you very much to viewer Jérémie Plouffe for sending this in for review!

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  • JJO

    Every Padilla I have had has been an enjoyable experience, and this one is no different. Thanks for reminding me that I have a couple of torpedoes waiting for the torch!
    Just curious as to whether or not you’ve had a chance to try the Artemis yet.

  • jerpl

    Thanks Bryan! It seems like you enjoyed it. I bought a cabinet of these for 65$ awhile back and they have never disapointed me. The funny part is I just bought them out of the blue. Never had good luck with Padillas but this one is an exception, just a different flsvor profil and I enjoy that.

  • NDO

    Do these cigars need to age or are they good to go? I’ve had one in the humi for a few months now but am not sure what to do with it.

  • Orrza

    Wow, that seem like a nice stick!
    I have one of these waiting in the humidor and I thought, what the heck.. I’ll see “what would Bryan say” about it 🙂

    Glad I did.
    I am choosing this one tonight!

    • Orrza

      well, i came back to report.
      positive- it really had nice flavors I really enjoyed.
      negative- it died on me twice… that never happened to me before, and I didn’t really let it rest or anything.
      and I must say the odor of the stick itself was kind of sour, it really didn’t add to the experience.

      after a while I figured I was double puffing it, just to keep it lit, which caused tongue irritation like a beginning pipe smoker 🙁

      I may had a problematic individual stick, I may give it a try again since the flavors were really great.

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