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Rocky Patel Royal Vintage Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 2, 2011
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Rocky Patel Royal Vintage Robusto Cigar Review

This 5.5×50 semi-box pressed stick offers a medium tan wrapper with a dry paper texture, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, an even spongy give and faint nut and tobacco aroma. First light reveals a loose draw, typical of RP, good smoke output but it’s very light and airy. Medium bodied flavors of a bitter oily tobacco with a long finish dominate. The first third transitions to an oily, creamy nut with a solid medium body and long finish of the same. Burn is perfect, ash is tight and white. 20 minutes in at the start of the 2nd third flavors ramp up to medium-full body with a very rich and creamy caramel, with an oily pepper and spice finish. Ending 50 minutes in, the last third changed to a big creamy nut flavor keeping the pepper and spicy oily finish but dropping the caramel. Thank you very much to viewer Owen Johnson for generously sending this in for review, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Good review! I got the torpedo size and I’ve only had two so far. The first one was awesome and I got just about everything you described, but the second one had that bitterness you spoke of and it was rather unpleasant. I took a little more off the top after about a half-inch due to the draw being a tad snug for my taste. The bitterness went away right after I did that, but then at the half way point, it came back and it was so pungent and unbearable, I had to toss it. Any idea what that was? (I paired with water, by the way)

  • Never mind. Figured out what it was. 4/10 I smoked had a really tight draw and had the same problem. I guess it has something to do with the torpedo size, but a ton of tar would build up at the tip and that was causing the terrible bitter waxy taste. I think I will steer clear of the torpedo size next time 🙂

  • yosef5

    I have had his cigars &was not that impressed

  • puffrey

    Had to come back and review this since one of the cigar sites is offering a good looking special at a decent price. I am looking for a decent stick to enjoy for yard work.

    Didnt seem like it had too much to offer from a flavor standpoint but looks like the cigar was fairly self sufficient. Thanks Bryan!

  • puffrey

    got my bundle in last week and am digging into a robusto right now! Actually Im enjoying the flavors in the 1st half. They are very light and I am getting that bitterness but I find it to be enjoyable, just preference.

    I can always count on digging through the review archives to come up with what I need! Thanks Bryan!

  • ryanmo45

    This is IMO the best “cheaper” rocky patel you can buy. Creamy and delicious. Didn’t get the bitterness Bryan got. For the price I recommend buying a box. Does well with even just a year of age too.

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