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Tatuaje Ambos Mundos Sumatra Grande No. 2 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 29, 2011
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Tatuaje Ambos Mundos Sumatra Grande No. 2 Cigar Review

This 5.5×56 cigar is not really a premium stick but rather a cheap short filler made by Tatuaje using substandard tobacco and clippings that didn’t make it in to the regular line, and the wrappers will have flaws. Think of them as a variation of seconds but short filler. This stick features a dark brown oily wrapper with slight tooth, a soft buttery feel, some small imperfections and a few noticeable soft spots with a oily tobacco aroma. It has small veins, tight seams and a triple cap. First light reveals a perfect draw, a great amount of thick rich medium-full bodied smoke with a slightly sweet and peppery tobacco taste and long finish. The first third develops to the same silky soft tobacco and the sweetness takes on a fruity taste, combined with the slight pepper bite. The finish is pretty short and clean, burn is razor sharp and the smoke is plentiful. 30 minutes in at the end of the first third i tap the ash off which was still holding on but was getting a bit flaky and I didn’t want it on my lap. Burn and draw at this point is hit and miss, going very loose and losing a lot of smoke output draw to draw. I did have to give it a touchup to correct some tunneling. Ending at 55 min, I just couldn’t get any more good performance out of the stick after having to relight it in the last third. After the relight it was almost completely plugged, and the last 2 inches had gone very hot soft and mushy. Thank you very much to viewer Chaz from Long Island for sending me this to review!

  • JJO

    My understanding is that these are long filler, but made with lower grade tobacco. Sounds rather inconsistent, but I guess that comes with the territory at the price point. Maybe they use less experienced rollers?

    Nice review.

  • I actually see now they are advertised as long and short depending on the site. The official site does not say either way. It sure performed like short, or just a really bad roll.

  • Chaz

    The Tatuaje serie p, according to their website, is their only short-filler cigar with a 60-40 long to short ratio. I’m pretty sure these are long filler, but definitely a big notch below regular tats.

    I like the taste on these, but performance is inconsistent, often changing within the same smoke, as you can see… and they’re not incredibly cheaper either.

    Thank you for the review- keep up the good work!

  • steveVLiLo

    The Ambos Mundos line is 100% long filler, Tatuaje doesn’t make a complete short filler cigar, the series P has short filler AND long filler. Thanks for the review!

  • When I googled for the size specs, I saw them advertised as short. You can do the same right now and it is actually advertised as long and short depending on the site. Either way it performed like a short or a really bad roll.

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