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Jul 25

FREE CIGAR CONTEST – Art District Cigars Samplers

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2011 in World of CO

EDIT:  Congratulations to ‘smoke4life’ and ‘sterling’!  Send me your contact info and I’ll get your prize packs right out!


FREE CIGAR CONTEST – Art District Cigars Pergamino Samplers

OK we have another contest for a free sampler of cigars! This time it’s a sampler pack from Art District Cigars, of Pergaminos! This contest will run until Monday, August 8th and since we were sent two samplers two winners will be drawn! The winner must be at least 19 years of age and reside in the CONUS. To enter simply leave a comment here on the main site below (not Facebook).  The winner will be randomly drawn and the samplers shipped out the next week! Comment below with your FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter names and follow on each for extra entries. Good luck everyone!


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Bring on the comments

  1. CliffJohnston says:

    Contests, artwork, and cigars. Doesn’t get any better that this. Great work, keep them all coming.


  2. Wyatt says:

    Sure could use some FREE CIGARS.

  3. Kingchezthefirst says:

    Lets go!

  4. nofeardiver says:

    These cigars look beautiful, love the band…As usually thanks for the great pic…keep up the good work

  5. CRem says:

    Lovin’ it!

  6. ScottM says:

    Would love to try some of those sticks!

    Keep up the great reviews Bryan.

    Oh yeah – FB: scott maggio

    Peace -

  7. Pete405 says:

    Love free cigar contests!!! Can’t wait to try these cause you know I’m gonna win…right??….right?….

    Youtube = Pete405

  8. smoke4life says:

    YESSSSS send me the free cigarzzzzz

  9. SGriffofCT says:

    If Pete Rose can’t get in the HOF for being a tool, why can’t Dale Murphy get in for being a good guy. And I’d love to get those sticks.
    Eat more chicken!

  10. ranasiciliano says:

    Well I certainly could go for some of those sticks myself! Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. Agent 86 says:

    Great contest, where in the world do you find these interesting cigars?
    youtube tajlund

  12. mbetot says:

    Never had these, but would love to try them.


  13. Wolfie says:

    Thanks for the contest!


    YouTube: Ausiewolf

    Twitter: Photonic1

  14. vinceasmar says:

    I’m in! Thanks!

  15. joejeeper says:

    Please include me in drawing- great site and reviews! Joe

  16. Count me in!

    FB: Albert Quackenbush

    Twitter: AlQuackenbush

    YouTube: TheSoCalBowhunter

  17. cigly says:

    i want to win this one.

    last cigar smoked: cusano corojo ’97


  18. MaineDude says:

    Must be the domino effect. First found you on Youtube, then FB, now the website. My week has been made! The reviews are very honest and helpful. I like that you take the time to explain the effects of the whole stick. Thank you again!

    Maybe since I’ve been so lucky to find all the above, I’ll also win the Art District cigars! That would be cool.

  19. smh0095 says:

    I would love some
    twitter : cunative

  20. baddalingg says:

    I’m in…Good Luck everyone!!

  21. TexasKyBishop says:

    Count me in. Will send to my son in Afghanistan for his 21st birthday if I win.

  22. MascisMan says:

    Great work on the site!

  23. riosg74 says:

    Me want cigars!

  24. alexwileden says:

    hi i do wish i win these cigars

  25. Justin says:

    I have never had an Art District cigar before…I hope free ones taste even better!!!! Thanks Brian

  26. nvman says:

    Man awsome site great reviews hope to get me some of these pergaminos thanks bryan

  27. Grove52 says:

    Thanks for having another contest Bryan. Hoping to be the lucky one this time.

    YouTube: mcjk5252

  28. ljsmoke says:

    Free Free Free

  29. Bender50 says:

    Probably wont ship to Canada , but Love your site and reviews

  30. PT says:

    Thanks for the great vids and for the contests Bryan. Keep up the good work. Good luck to everyone.

  31. MitchDuafa says:

    im so glad i came across your videos on youtube.

  32. xcarbonx says:

    Thank you for your youtube videos, they are both informative and entertaining. You’ve been spot on and I appreciate what you do for all who watch them. Best of luck to all that enter ^_^

  33. mikec says:

    Great contest!

  34. primox1 says:

    Thanks Bryan. Entertaining reviews.

    Youtube: primox1

  35. JJO says:

    Haven’t seen these before, but I’d sure like to try them!

  36. rgrogers says:

    Hey Bryan,

    Thanks for all the fun info. Keep the good work.

  37. cigarron says:

    Hi Bryan …. Great Website !!!! Thank’s again for a chance to win some Cigar’s…

  38. nish says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Youtube, I was doing exactly as you said, never really checked out the site until now.

  39. AuD2be says:

    Hey Brian. I’ve been to your site quite a few times but not regularly. Not that I know there is daily content, I’ll be sure to check it out more often! Cheers

  40. 2slim says:

    I never win anything but I get an “A” for effort.

  41. mooseking87 says:

    Would love to try em.

  42. NeverABadDayForACigar says:

    Turning 20 August 12. Birthday cigar from the man himself would be incredible!!/TexAttack12

  43. jasonk says:

    yea me again i think

  44. nvman says:

    Nick Vasquez for Facebook thanks bryan great reviews awsome site

  45. Brad Thomas says:

    New to the site and thought I would throw my name up here. Love the site. Keep up the good work.

  46. RayPerez says:

    Awesome website Bryan! Liked, Subscribed, & Circled!

  47. badforme says:

    This is hands down my favorite website for cigar reviews.

  48. ProbateGeek says:

    I’ve got a Pergamino robusto resting (don’t know what I’m waiting for!), but know from the smell alone these must be good. I’ll gladly have another sample?

  49. JasonBaldwin says:

    Thanks for the contest, sounds like some nice sticks.



  50. jgranson says:

    would love to try something new count me in

  51. catycat11 says:

    Sounds like a plan!

  52. MikeL says:

    Never had a Pergamino before. They look good and probably taste great too, but they look and taste even better when they are free!

    Mike Leto on Facebook.

  53. rhtomlinson says:

    Looks good BG!


  54. andysc83 says:

    I’m in! Would love to try one!


  55. Cigar Monkey says:

    I heard someone was handing out free cigars?! ;)

  56. Jordan Stoner says:

    Love me some samplers :)

    Youtube: DarkManXJ
    Twitter: Stoneyay

  57. superdutyal says:

    PICK ME PICK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. D-rod91 says:

    Here we go…hopin, hopin, hopin…I never win anything, ever so–we’ll try anyway tho. Oh, my wife just had r first baby (boy) a cpl days ago, cld use sum fresh sticks..just passed out a bunch of my own- her fingers r crossed, she said maybe my luck will change now. )))
    -Facebook: Jason Good

  59. apaniagua says:

    Me wants, me wants!

    Facebook: abe.paniagua
    twitter: abepaniagua
    Youtube: abejoker

    What else? My phone number? address? lol…

  60. mgdivemaster says:

    Brian, you’re reiviews are the best in the business! I recently discovered your site and video reviews, and since then, I always check to see if you have a review on a particular stick before I buy it. Keep up the great work!!!

  61. Asinine says:

    Dropping the names in the hat :)
    Facebook :

    Youtube : Asinine39


  62. smokemifyagotem says:

    I’ve got the empty humidor Blues Bryan!!
    Here’s hoping for a refill. Thanks for the great reviews!

  63. 777xenos says:

    I’m in. Thanx!!

  64. remingstone says:

    Thanks for offering us an opportunity to try some cigars. You the Man!!

  65. cigarpadronman says:

    hope i win these look good

  66. sterling says:

    Crossing my fingers, I’ve never won anything!!!

  67. bw5011 says:

    I came across Cigar Obsession when searching for a La Princesa De Cuba. My wife picked up a sample pack from Tinderbox and it had that cigar in there. I loved it, so I went to get another but I could not find it anywhere. Bryan did a review a while back that I found on Bing and he was good enough to respond when I sent a message about my search. I use to only smoke Cohibas but started looking at his reviews and now try a lot of new sticks. I am still working on his favorite sticks list. I tell everyone about the site when I see other cigar enthusiast.

  68. birch507 says:

    Always room in my humi for free garz

  69. birch507 says:

    Birch507 for all 3

  70. sflocchini says:

    your passion for cigars is as that as those that roll and make them .

  71. KrazyKajun says:

    These would be a great birthday present! One could hope, anyway. Haha!

  72. JUrbanek says:

    I’m new to your site. These would make a great welcoming present. Great videos! I’ll be sharing your site with friends. Thanks!

  73. Chaz614 says:

    Thanks for the Great reviews!

  74. auburnwolfe says:

    huzzah! great reviews guys, love the site!

  75. kevin1323 says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put together the great reviews!

  76. LordHector says:

    Came here from watching your youtube channel. Really enjoy watching your reviews. Hoping to win some cigars too, like everyone else.

    Keep up the good work!

  77. mksllrs says:

    Thanks for the reviews. Just watched the Camacho Pre Embargo. Thinking about getting some.

  78. smh0095 says:

    Variety is awesome

    Twitter :cunative

  79. Troutman59 says:

    These cigars look nice. Love your reviews. Keep up the great work.

  80. kb1nyd says:

    Hope I win!

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