Label Your Cigar Gran Toro Habano Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 12, 2011
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Label Your Cigar Gran Toro Habano Cigar Review

This 7×58 stick offers a dark tan thin wrapper with small and medium veins, some stretching and lumps, good tight seams and a triple cap with a strong barnyard aroma. First light reveals good smoke output with an effortless draw, flavors of a dry tobacco and earth with a bit of sweetness and oil on the short finish. The first third starts out with a bitter grass and a vegetable almost chemical taste, with good smoke output draw and burn. Later in the first third the chemical taste goes away leaving just the grassiness. The bitterness is still there, mostly in the oil on the lips. I suspect this is just not aged enough from the factory. 1 Hour in at the 1/2 way point, flavors had completely changed to a deep earth and touch of coffee with a bit of pepper, especially on the growing finish. The transition has been very slow from the 1st third experience. Ending at 1:40 where it began to get too warm for my taste, the last third brought up the coffee flavor a bit overtaking the earthiness as the main component. Thank you very much to for sending this for review!

  • Non_Smoking_Cretic

    Always a Chuckle when the ash drops in your lap… Priceless… Great Review!!

  • Matt Senra

    I love your reviews! You should do more of the cigars from ! I am thinking about getting some torpedos, but am not sure about the quality of those.

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