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We Passed 500,000 Video Views!

by Bryan Glynn, June 6, 2011
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We Passed 500,000 Video Views!


I know, small potatoes to some YouTube channels, but big for cigars! LOL Any way you slice it, half a million video views is substantial, and I’m glad to be able to reach so many people sharing my love of cigars.

Thank you all for watching!

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  • KrazyKajun

    Congrats! IMO, you are the leader for reviews in the cigar world. I applaud you for that! Keep up the great work, & I can’t wait for the next review!

  • Ziggy954

    Congrats! I always look forward to your reviews.

  • Bigdogx29


  • elquatro1

    That’s awesome, Bryan! Keep it goin’.

  • ScottM

    Awesome! Keep up the great reviews.

  • Don

    Awesome job Bryan! I’ve been enjoying cigars for the past 17 years and have enjoyed your website and video reviews more than any cigar info I’ve ever found on the web. It sounds like we have almost identical preferences in our cigars which makes your reviews even more valuable. Looks like I’ve now got to add a 10th humidor so I can grab a box of El Titan de Bronze & Primer Mundos! Keep em comin’ man!

  • JJO

    Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

  • Congratulations!

    Your reviews definitely deserve to be watched. Very nicely done sir. Would love to see a review of the Alec Bradley Prensado, hope you get to one soon!

  • Congrats on the big numbers!

  • desperado213

    Congradulations Bryan! That’s something to brag about.

  • robot devil

    Love the videos. Keep em coming.

  • kolbwill

    Love your stuff Brian. So much better than most video reviews out there.

  • jacobk933

    Congratulations! Just getting back into smoking cigars again, find your reviews very helpful!

  • Chaz

    Rock on! Keep it up, you have enhanced my cigar enjoyment as well. You have the only video reviews that I can stand to watch- to the point, relevant information without all the theatrical “look at me” BS. Cigar Obsession rules.

  • Grove52

    Congrats Bryan! Keep the reviews coming! We all love ’em!

  • Bender50

    Congrats Bryan , Your reviews are very informative, and fun to watch..

  • skipper2101

    Congrats Brian,
    Keep up the great work. Love your reviews.

  • JohnG

    Congratulations Bryan. Continued best to you.

  • Doug

    nice bryan way to go. go for a million

  • Adam

    100,000 is from me haha!

  • robber

    hi bryan…congrats on the milestone…now less than 500 thousand till you hit a cool million.i’ll do my best to help out.
    thanks for the great reviews!

  • Markwz11

    Congratulations Bryan!…you are my “go-to-guy” when I need info on a cigar that I’ve not tried before. I find your reviews Spot On!! I love that you have no problem reviewing a cheap diamond in the ruff on one day and then checking out a $15 stick on the next day. Keep up the great work!

  • ProbateGeek

    Four decades pass, and I find my new Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

    So thanks.

  • 777xenos

    Bryan, I watch each review upon release, and usually re-watch 3 or 4 more. My all time favorites are Cheapstick shootout #1 & #2, and CAO LX2. Oh and your true story about the printer repair kit scam is a classic. Thanks for everything, and Keep ’em coming!

    • 777xenos

      P.S. Mins you, I greatly enjoy all your reviews, not just the ones that feature entertainment at your expense! I have made multiple successful buying decisions thanks to you. Your reviews are just about the only source of information that matches actual results. Thanks again.

  • jasonk

    congrats man really that’s a lot of views

  • hossdawg

    Congrats Bryan!! Check every morning at work for a new review and glad I could contribute to reaching that number. Keep up the great work, you have become a part of my everyday ritual. Thanks again.

  • 77stoneblues

    Just want to take this opportunity to give you a big thanks – you’ve turned me on (and steered me away) from quite a few cigars, and coming from Canada with crazy tobacco taxes, all the videos and reviews are invaluable! Congrats on a half-million views, and looking forward to each and every video! Thanks!

  • Hrparkg20

    Congrats bryan! I really look forward to your reviews, keep up the good work!

  • brauny1022

    Congrats Bryan! 100,000 of the those views have to be mine 😛 Keep it up!

  • Adam

    Pick me!

  • Netstars

    Let’s see – morning coffee, cigar and Bryan. Should be a good day!

  • D-rod91

    Awesome !

  • rudrummer822

    Congrats Bryan! Looking forward to doing this again when co crosses 1 million view. Great job!

  • 2slim

    Congratulations Bryan. I am surprised you don’t have a million by now. Yours is the best site in c-space for everything cigar. Stay the course.

  • Jake911

    Just signed up here. I’m a local firefighter here in FL. I’ve been watching your reviews for a while on you tube and have enjoyed them. Keep it up.

  • and all near your birthday….what a gift!!!
    Happy Birthday and Happy 500,000!!

  • voodootsk

    congrats, love the vids keep them coming

  • Asinine

    Hookah smoker personally, but your reviews on Cigars and the descriptions you give, top notch. Perdomo II is the only cigar i’ve smoked (enjoy Perdomo) but I’ve been looking into different wholesale Cigar sellers for Sample packs, and looking forward to enjoying Cigars. Thanks for all your work. Looking forward to try out some of your top choices.

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