Diesel Unlimited D7 Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 3, 2011
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Diesel Unlimited D7 Churchill Cigar Review


This 7×58 cigar features a small footband only, with a dark brown oily, smooth and firm wrapper with slight tooth, tight seams and minimal veins.  The aroma is very rich, oily and a decadent chocolate and tobacco mix.  First light reveals a perfect draw with tons of very rich full bodied smoke.  Flavors are deep and soft earthiness with a pepper and spice that really comes on through the end of the draw and leaves a very oily mouthfeel.  The first third holds much of the same experience only dropping the pepper and spice way down.  The overall blend is exceptional, delivering tons of smooth rich flavors effortlessly with no strength.  35 minutes in the flavor drops slightly to medium-full while shifting to a deep substantial earth and pepper combo, leaving a thick heavy finish.  The strength has been slowly building, giving me a bit of a rush at this point.  50 minutes in starting the 2nd third, the ash drops off in a solid chunk, and a slight creamy coffee flavors makes an appearance, holding on through the long finish.  1:20 min in starting the last third, the coffee come up just a touch and the 2nd length of ash is still holding on like a champ.  Ending at 1:40 the cigar proved to be a top performer!  Thank you very much to our fan, Chaz for generously donating this for review!

  • jasonk

    man that looked like a good cigar and a great review as always. and after your opus x xxx experience I am sure you needed a good ole knock it out of the park hit good pick.

  • Chaz

    These seem to really benefit from a few months of age- that sample has been resting for close to 6 months. At first they were still very good, but somewhat harsher. Recently, my experience with them mirrors your review almost exactly. A tremendous value as well. Thank you for your review!

  • ProbateGeek

    I’ve been eying these for a few months, wondering how they compare to the Unholy Cocktail. Thanks to your good review, they’re next in line for me. So thanks.

  • JJO

    Sounds good! It’s unfortunate that this isn’t produced in a smaller vitola.

    • User Name

      They make a D5, robusto. But you’re right, nothing under 50 RG. I’d love to try this cigar in a conora. We know AJ can roll them well, as is the case with the MOW PA.

  • JohnBarleyCorn

    Bryan would you take the Unlimited or the Unholy Cocktail if you could just have 1?

    • UC

      • JohnBarleyCorn

        Perfect! I Ordered a box yesterday! The added body was the deciding factor for me.

  • TimB

    You have to try the “Diesel hair of the dog”! I have tried most of the Diesel line and most are about the same med to full with lots of pepper taste. But this was a pleasant surprise not much spice but smooth full flavor the best smoke I have had in a long time!

  • Daniel.A

    i was impressed with this cigar. had nice flavors to it but felt like not a full body but maybe medium to full body. i look forward to trying more of these.

  • AngSolo

    I enjoyed the flavor of this cigar very much, however the strength got me. Maybe because I don’t smoke as often as I’d like maybe I needed to eat some more but I certainly don’t enjoy that light headed slightly nauseous feeling.

  • Camshaft83

    Getting this along with the UC and hair of the dog in a sampler. Looking forward to smoking this while hanging out with some friends after a couple months of letting it rest in my humidor.

  • eric.hanson

    You know I really wasn’t that impressed by this stick, the flavors didn’t do it for me and it was pretty plain and consistant so it just wasn’t good for me. I know it’s cheap and all but I can get better sticks for the same price or less.

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