Isla del Sol Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 23, 2011
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Isla del Sol Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×52 stick from Drew Estate sports a dark brown wrapper with slight tooth and very slight green tint, firm even round construction, a generous double cap, minimal veins, tight seams and a sweet hay aroma. First light reveals a surprise to me, a sweetened tip. The flavor is just overwhelming sweetness, just a big candy taste. Draw is snug but putting off plenty of smooth light smoke. 20 minutes in the sweetened tip wears down ever so slightly and a small coffee flavor can be tasted on the retrohale. 35 min in at the 1/2 way point, the coffee infused flavor really comes out. It’s mixing with the tip flavor making it very sweet and smooth. Smoke output has increased even more, draw loosened up and it’s a medium-full body. Ending at 1 hour the last third dropped the artificial sweetness just going to a very creamy coffee flavor with a ton of rich smoke. Thank you very much to viewer Greg Bellante for sending this for review, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Greg Bellante

    LOL Did not mean to surprise you as i thought you knew the Isla Del Sol was a flavored cigar. Drew Estate i believe does not make un-flavored cigars. In any event a sterling review and spot on ,it seemed you had fun smoking this one.. and this stick is literally a few bucks $2.55 a piece.

    • Actually they have several non infused lines. Thanks again!

  • Ziggy954

    Greg have you tried the “Opulence 3” its infused but very lightly so its a little more traditional tobacco taste but its a sweet natural tobacco. Its a great daily stick at $4 per.

    Isla Del Sol is one of my favorites for at least a once a week stick.

    • Greg Bellante

      Ziggy; I have not tried the “Opulence 3” i assume it’s made by Drew Estate? I’m not really into flavored cigars but good for a change once a month. My ATF is the Java Latte it’s like virtually smoking a chocolate bar with creamy coffee. Rocky Patel describes it as cookies and cream lol and the aroma drives females wild. It’s well worth the price.

      • Ziggy954

        Thanks for the Java Suggestion Greg. I think I have a Java in My Humidor I’ll give it a try.

  • Grove52

    It’s like your read my mind! lol I was just looking into these the literally 2 days ago because my father and I are fans of the Tabak Especial Negra by Drew Estate and these seemed to be along the same line but a little milder smoke. Not to mention they are extremely inexpensive. You sealed the deal for me again with another great review! Thanks

    • Greg Bellante

      Grove, If your looking into the Tabak line, i highly recommend the” Cafe con Leche” you get both Maduro and Natural wrappers and a truer natural coffee tobacco flavor . It doesn’t have that candy sweetness of the I.D.S but a much more straight forward tobacco taste. Give it a try i think you’ll like it.

      • Ziggy954

        Greg is right, the Tabak line is great, I haven’t tried the “Cafe con Leche” yet but I just bought a box for the “Dulce” Connecticut in Robusto size. The “Dulce” is like having a Carmel Swirl Latte from Dunkin Donuts. Much more natural coffee taste than any other infused cigar I have tried.

        • Grove52

          Yeah, I’m familiar with the Tabak Especial line. I’m a fan of the Negra (Maduro). I’ve had the Dulce and I didnt care for it as much. The Cafe con Leche is on my list to try though. I’m a fan of the Java as well since I’ve tried the Tabak, I haven’t gone back to the Java. I just think the Tabak is a better smoke. I definitely don’t mind the sweetness every once in a while so I’m definitely gonna try out the Isla del Sol

  • ProbateGeek

    Just when I thought I was done with Drew Estates (down to one last Kuba Kuba), this review.

    An infused stick can sure be nice, maybe once a month or so. Certainly no complaints about the price.

    Good (though surprising) review.

  • rgrogers

    Hey Bryan,

    Your reaction to this cigar was just like mine when I tried it. You are a better man for completing the job. I could not get beyond the sickly sweet taste, so I did not even complete the first third. Thans for confirming it was not just me who miss read this cigar.

  • Darin

    Drew Estate is what pulled me into the smoking realm, the Kuba Kuba being the first one I tried. Before that I just couldn’t appreciate the more “natural” tobacco sticks, but after having the KK I was hooked and went infusion crazy. The Isla del Sol quickly became one of my go-to smokes! Now my tastes have changes and I am able to appreciate the natural sweetness and nuances of the non infused or flavored cigars. I can still smoke an Acid or the Natural line by Drew Estate, but I too now find the del Sol to be too sugar sweet to finish one. Currently have over a dozen just sitting. Really enjoyed it when I was into that sort of thing though!

  • BMurden

    im smoking one now to me i could smell swiss miss hot chocolate aroma before lighting and it was like smoking hot chocolate burns a long time too.the tobacco to me tastes like a lot of drew estates earthy sandlewood that kind of thing its a nice change of pace for me. couldn’t do it everyday though great review

  • PeteM

    Is anyone aware of any infused sticks that don’t have the sweetened tip? After watching this review and the Java review, I picked up one of each to try. I also grabbed a tiny little Natural Jucy Lucy. I tried that one yesterday, but I just couldn’t get past the overly-sweet tip 😛

    I’ll still try the ones I have, but it would be nice to find one without the tip for something different.


    • PeteM

      Posting again to subscribe to responses, sorry for the spam 🙂

  • Greg Bellante

    Pete M.
    You might want to give the
    C.I. Legend copper label by Drew Estate a try.It’s a cigar Drew Estate made especially for Cigars International and it’s a real winner imho opinion . It does not have that sweet artificial tip and it smokes beautifully with a mild to medium body and a luscious hazelnut taste, perfect draw,even burn and lots of smoke. It’s the only infused cigar i smoke now and it’s about a 1/3 of the cost of the Java line.

  • I made the same mistake you did. I bought some Tabak Especial online just based on customer rating alone and threw them in the ‘dor without reading the band. A few weeks later I wondered why it smelled like a Mocha Frappuccino every time I opened it. I smoked the Robusto today and even though I liked it I have to say the sweetness is a bit over the top. You are right, even if you don’t like infused sticks the quality of Drew Estate is luring. Thank you Bryan!

  • playersrun1

    Tried one of these after i came across your review. Somewhat of an opposite experience: cap was only slightly sweet (and not a very good tasting sweet), which only lasted a few puffs, not the typical 15-30min for Drew Estate cigars. Little smoke and very little taste, but a certain gumminess on the tongue unlike other DE cigars. No real mouth feel or finish to speak of either..kinda disappointing. maybe i had a dud? Anyway, keep up the good work on the reviews–youre a great source of info.

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