Nica Libre Potencia Churchill Extra Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 21, 2011
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Nica Libre Potencia Churchill Extra Cigar Review

This 7×52 cigar sports an oily velvet dark brown sungrown wrapper with a slight red hue, triple cap, minimal veins, smooth tight seams and rich sweet earth aroma. First light reveals a very snug draw producing minimal smoke with medium bodied flavors of a smooth sweet earth much like it’s aroma. The first third shows much the same, only adding a bit of pepper to the draw flavors. It has a good bit of strength to it but certainly no full body as it’s marketed. The finish is long but subtle without and pepper or spice. 45 minutes in at the 1/2 way point flavors remained unchanged. Just over 1 hour in flavors finally shift a bit but require a double puff to really bring them out. They have transitioned to a soft creamy nuttiness followed by a soft oily earth. 1:25 minutes in after two touch-ups and a re-light the cigar is unfortunately out once again and I don’t care to try and continue it. Clearly this one just had severe construction issues. Thank you very much to viewer Darin Mohr for generously providing this for review!

  • gotagurt

    I have had a dozen or so Nica Libre cigars and my overall impression has been “meh”. Not impressed with the flavor, nor the strength, nor the construction. Even for the money, you could do much better. I think your experience, Bryan, is indicative of the brand, not that particular example stick.

  • Darin

    These have actually been good to me overall, but I had one just within the past week with almost the exact same draw issue right around the midway point (had to actually cut it out and relight), so it seems to be hit or miss. So sorry you got one of the bummer sticks Bryan. If I was aware of this inconsistency before sending I probably wouldn’t have sent this stick. I do enjoy the flavor profile on these a bit more than the regular Nice Libre though. There are many who compare this stick to the Oliva V (it is rolled in the Oliva factory) but I’ve never had a V so I can’t say. Thanks for the review. I hope the rest of my Potencias don’t have this issue! Wish is was a better experience for you!

    • No worries man I appreciate the send no matter how they turn out! Try the V sometime, it’s a very good smoke.

  • smokethis

    Spot on review Bryan. Thanks.
    I’m actually smoking one of these now. Mine has gone out completely 3x now and needs constant touch-ups.:(
    It does have some nice flavors and does taste a tiny bit like a Oliva V.

  • Richard

    I love the regular Nica Libres and wanted to try the Potencia. I’m trying one now as I type. I wish I read your review first because this one was a snug draw which kinda ruined the whole experience because of the extra draws heating things up to keep it going. It surprisingly stayed even with no touch ups. It seemed stronger to me, but the flavors coming through seemed like a hot cigar with tar gathering on the draw instead of stronger “good” flavors.

    Overall, I was very disappointed. I’ll stick to the regular Nica Libres from now on.

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