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Ave Maria Lionheart Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 19, 2011
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Ave Maria Lionheart Cigar Review

This 5.5×55 box pressed stick offers a soft smooth and firm dark brown wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams and sweet barnyard aroma first light reveals a perfect draw with a ton of rich heavy smoke giving peppery creamy textured tobacco flavor, medium-full in body with a long finish. The first third develops to very similar flavors, adding a bit of pepper to the draw and finish, coming down to a solid medium body. 45 minutes in to the 1/2 way point there are no further changes to the flavor profile. Construction is perfect, with a razor sharp burn and perfect draw with tons of smoke. Ending at 1:30 the whole cigar proved to be very consistent in flavor profile with no noticeable transitions. Thank you very much to viewer Greg Bellante for generously sending this in for review!

  • Greg Bellante

    Bryan; I’m very happy you enjoyed the Ave Maria , i thought your review was spot on and i agree the only minus is it doesn’t hold a long ash but other than that a good stick. I hope your review of the Isla del Sol by Drew Estate will be as good. Greg

    • Darin

      Greg, if you like del Sols I have have a grip of them that have been sitting for some time. They used to be my favorite go-to cigar before becoming more acclimated to the natural tobacco nuances. Now the sweetness is a bit too much for me. Very good cigar though. Drew Estate use to be all I bought! I still enojoy the Acid sticks from time to time. Anyway, let me know if you’d be interested in some kind of trade. I have about 15, some I think 5 x 54 some 6 x 54.

      • Greg Bellante

        Thanks for the offer Darin but I’ve another stick from Drew Estate that I’m kind of hooked on and that is the “Cafe Con Leche” 5.5x 54
        Torpedo. It’s a bit more pricey than the del Sols but not as pricey as their top of the line Java… give them a try sometime i think you will like them.

        • Darin

          Cool, yeah that’s a great stick and I actually have one left! Although I haven’t smoked anything by Drew Estate in some time now.


  • Adam

    Hey Bryan, can you define some of the flavor notes you talk about in your reviews. Flavors like nuts, cream, leather, earth. I can taste coffee but some flavors I cant really tell what I’m tasting and possibly some terms your giving could be the flavors I can’t place.

    • All the flavors I describe are self explanatory. Not everyone is able to taste all the flavors, and you have to smoke the cigar the right way to bring them out.

      • Adam

        Gotcha. I figured they were but I just haven’t been able to positively say “this is cocoa that I’m tasting” Thanks and I watch a review everyday and I constantly check for new ones. Great job!

  • desperado213

    Sounds like a great morning or afternoon stick! How much do these cost on average?

    • Just a few bucks

      • Greg Bellante

        Bryan : I paid $128 for a box of 20 of these Ave Maria cigars . True it’s not in the class of a Ashton or Opus X but at just over $6 a stick it’s not a cheap cigar. If you can find these cigars for “Just a few bucks” Please let me know where you got them and i’ll buy a couple of boxes ASAP.

        • I consider $6 just a few

          • gary nelson

            for $6 bucks, I would pick up any of the below:
            1- La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amore- heaven
            2-Alec Bradley Prensado—-beyond heaven, or even a tempus!!!
            3-Rocky Patel DECADE/1990
            4-Flor de las Antillas Toro—-ungodly!!!
            5- or spend an extra buck and get the my all time favorite- Oliva V melanio,,nothing comes even close to this jewel…, just to get me started and most of these can be found for $4.25/stk- EASY!!!

  • JohnG

    Thanks for the review Bryan. Sounds like the Ave Maria Lionheart Cigar is something to, at least, try.

  • Darin

    I was glad to see you review this cigar. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve had one sitting in my humi for over 4 months now. Waiting for that right moment to dig into it! Great review!

  • CliffJohnston

    Actually tried this one before I watched the review. Like always, totally agree with the review. Agree with the comments on the band as well….have to add this one to my humi project.

  • Dirk


    All of your reviews are very entertaining and spot on! I would like to see you review the Ave Maria Crusader.(robusto) I let some rest in my Humi finding a development of three transitions very tasty.

  • dgrambo

    I think this size is the plainest, least flavorful size of the series. I like the one thats like a church or DC best.

    • Camshaft83

      I have to agree. The knights templar (6×48 toro double corona) was excellent. Great flavor and smooth the whole way through.

  • LordCybor

    This cigar has a very nice sweet finish all the way through. Very nice stick for the $$$

  • vscarpine

    Hey Bryan have you ever tried the Ave Maria Reconquista…I really enjoy the lionheart I tried and wondering if the Reconquista was worth the $20

    • puffrey

      vscarpine- I had the Reconquista about a year ago. Great stick, whether the $20 price is worth it is based on whether you simply are willing to fork out $20 for a stick. I would say I have had countless other cheaper sticks that I enjoyed just as much but to each their own.

  • puffrey

    decent deal on boxes of these on one of the online retailer sites if anybody is digging them!

  • Daniel.A

    i placed an order on these along with some e.p. carillos short runs. can’t wait to have these. sucks though that my bro-in-law gets the other half of a deal that we both agreed on. DAMN! oh well i’m sure i’ll be happy with these. btw i have had the e.p.’s and man they’re awesome.

  • Daniel.A

    got nothing bad to say about this cigar. i like it, im at the last two inches or so. its been a real consistent cigar like Bryan said. i’ve enjoyed it the whole way. good thing i got another four waiting for me

  • eric.hanson

    The Ave Maria line has become one of my favorites recently, these are great and the Reconquistas are one of my favorite sticks.

  • lazyboy

    im smoking the Ave Maria knights Templar right now. Pretty good stick. this is the last of a few I got in a sampler. ill grab them again if the price is right.

  • Cajun

    I had all sorts of construction issues with the first one I smoked; wrapper cracked in a few places, draw was a bit tight, etc. Really disappointed. BUT, I guess my 5-pack needed some humi time. MUCH BETTER this time around. No issues whatsoever, the ash held a good 1″1/2, burn was razor sharp, tons of smoke, excellent draw, no wrapper issues and I was able to slide the band right off. I like that fact since I’ve started collecting bands. Stayed cool til the nub.

  • Buffalo Trace

    An Ave Maria Knights Templar came in the Delicious Dozen from CI and it is great. So far it ranks in my top 3 favs up there with the Ramon Bueso Odyssey and CAO Black Bengal.

  • chadw

    I just had the “ark of the covenant”. Great stick, flavor profile seems very close to this, the only downside being that it got pretty hot with still about 2 1/2 inches left. No tunneling though. Anyway, loved the pepper I’ll definitely being trying this size and others.

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