601 Green Oscuro La Punta Perfecto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 3, 2011
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601 Green Oscuro La Punta Perfecto Cigar Review

This 5.5×48-52 perfecto stick offers a very dark brown, almost black wrapper with a slight red hue, a velvet texture and a rock hard pack. It shows minimal veins, tight seams, very even firm construction and offers a barnyard and tobacco aroma. First light reveals an insanely tight draw but big medium-full flavors of deep oily tobacco and white pepper with a long earthy finish. 10 minutes in the draw opens up to a very nice light resistance and smoke output is excellent. Flavors are very deep and substantial with a long full finish. The draw flavors are very woody and peppery with an oily slick on the lips but dry parched mouthfeel. 25 minutes in I had to give it a small touchup, there was a strip on one side that wasn’t burning. 35 minutes in hitting the 1/2 way point flavors shift just lightly, adding a dark chocolate in to the mix. Ending at 1:15 the 2nd half proved to be very similar, only changing the draw back to snug, but not a big problem. I did have to give it another touchup, and the ash on this last half was not as firm as the first, flowering and flaking quite a bit. Thank you very much to our fan Jeremie Plouffe for providing this sample for review, I appreciate it very much brother!

  • miamiaficionado

    for me Arturo fuentes Perfecto are the best. Good review thank>> Long Ash

  • jerpl

    Great review Bryan. I love that smoke but like you said give me a straight stick any day.

    • chief791

      I love this stick. Lots of pepper and spice. I like the perfecto’s. Just feel right.

  • jerpl

    Seems like that stick had a bunch of patches too. Not something I have seen with the box I have yet.

    • It had some rough spots and stretches, but no actual patches.

  • Darin

    Question, would you buy a box of these if you found a deal?

  • ryanmo45

    Hey Bryan was curious..that looks like a flint lighter you used. How are they? Do you like using them are they easy to fill and change the flint?

    • Xikar EX, see the review in the review section – not flint

      • ryanmo45

        Thanks man! Have one on the way off cigarbid for like 27 dollars. reasonably priced. look forward to getting it.

  • bbarber

    Ilike this blend…not necessarily this particular shape and size. Do you recall when the band changed design and why?

    • JJO

      The band has changed twice; the first time when Rocky Patel bought into the company, and again when the cartoonish looking replacements – see Bryan’s reviews of the Red and Blue – turned out to be not well received (i.e. hated) by the buying public. They now look more like the originals, but with a slightly different color scheme. The blends, however, have never changed.

  • zanlamb

    Is there any advantage to the perfecto shape? I have only ever had problems with them

    • JJO

      Some say that the shape allows for broader transitions in flavor as you go from narrow to wider to narrow again. Bryan, I believe, has said that it’s just an affectation or gimmick. It’s all in the mind of the beholder, I guess, but it is an old traditional shape. They are also supposed to be a demonstration of the roller’s craft, since the most skilled rollers at the factory are assigned to them.

      I haven’t smoked that many of them, but other than the tight draw at the beginning, I haven’t had much of a problem with them. Besides, they bring back memories of the old cartoons of my childhood.

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