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Pinar Del Rio BOTL.org Small Batch Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 1, 2011
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Pinar Del Rio BOTL.org Small Batch Cigar Review

This 6×46 corona gorda cigar features a dark brown wrapper with small and medium veins, a firm and lumpy appearance with a very oily smooth feel and sweet soapy aroma. This cigar was produced exclusively for the online forum community botl.org in 2010. First light reveals a perfect draw and tons of thick rich smoke. Flavors are medium bodied with notes of a slight sweetness and creme, dry nuts and tobacco with a dry earthy finish. The first third develops to a creamy leather with a good bit of black pepper that especially comes in on the finish, leaving a very oily zingy wash in the mouth. The smoke output is still great but not as thick as the very start and the draw is very loose. 15 minutes in to the first third flavors shift to a medium-full body showing a very creamy, sweet milk chocolate, keeping the nice zingy pepper. around the 20 minute mark the cigar lost almost all flavor and smoke output, although the draw and burn were still fine. 25 minutes in it bounced back to a medium-full body and full smoke output, the flavors shifting to a general earth and tasty bread replacing the chocolate. 40 minutes in closing out the 2nd third, the chocolate flavor ramps up with the cream again on the draw, the finish just going with the pepper and zing. Ending at 1:05 the last third shifted to a drier cocoa flavor, losing most of the creme. Towards the last inch it started getting very hot, shifting flavors to a warm nuttiness and pepper. Thank you very much to YouTube subscriber Megladon8 for generously sending me this to try out!

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