Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 27, 2011
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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller Cigar Review

This 4.5×43-55 perfecto stick offers a dark brown paper bag like color with an oily, firm wrapper showing minimal veins, tight seams and a generous double cap with a cedar and tobacco aroma. First light reveals a slightly snug draw that immediately open up with the first couple puffs. Flavors are full bodied showing oily, slightly sweet and creamy aged tobacco flavors with a rich thick smoke, although not much of it. The first third drops in body from the first light to a solid medium, carrying flavors of cedar and a creamy aged tobacco with a decent amount of rich smoke. Draw is perfect, burn isn’t razor sharp but not needing any attention. The 2nd third comes and goes very quickly – this whole cigar is a short smoke for sure. The only shift has been a drop of the aged tobacco taste replaced by just the sweet cream. Ending at just 35 minutes where it began to get hot and the flavors washed out, the last third showed big changes to the profile. They shift to a warm and creamy nut with milk chocolate towards the end of the draw that hold through the finish

  • DangerBoy

    Milk Chocolate.. My wife would love this smoke 🙂
    Thanks for the review

  • shumpy

    Is this the same cigar as the Short Story, or is this a different blend? It looks the same to me, just haven’t heard it called the Hemingway Best Seller. Thanks, keep up the great reviews Bryan. I look forward to them every day!


    • It’s different they have a few that are very similar.

      • shumpy

        Definitely hard to tell for me when AF puts out so many lines in so many sizes. What are your thoughts on the SS compared to the Best Seller if you’ve had one? I noticed there’s no review in the Humidor and am curious. Thanks for the quick response!

        • It’s been a while since I had the SS but they are pretty similar.

  • Adam

    Great Cigar! Do you ever retrohale Bryan? I saw a video about you talking about exhaling through your nose but I didn’t remember if you said it was something you do to get flavors out of your sticks.

    • I do just slightly for the flavor but not for the whole thing.

  • dvldog6869

    Sorry for adding so late to the conversation. From my understanding the only difference between all of the hemingway series cigars by af is the size and shape. I could be wrong, but I’ve had both the short story and the best seller. They seemed the same to me with the exception of the size.

    • chase_swalling

      The blends are the same with all the Hemingway cigars, but the proportions of those blends are different along with size and shape, which is evident in the different tastes between the Hemingway Short Story and Bestseller. Both of which are exceptional cigars. The Short Story may actually be my favorite any-day, any-time cigar. A fairly short but pleasant flavor that doesn’t sit and linger on your pallet.

  • ryanmo45

    The Hemingway was the first always have a few hemingways in my humidor. I have about ten of these in maduro and they are excellent. very spicy. The only thing about the hemingway i dislike is the price. They are a fairly expensive cigar for my modest salary. There are alot of cigars out there much cheaper that are just as good. But I do love them. Great review Bryan!

  • Ajb890

    Very good cigar. I had the same flavors as in the review. For me personally, arturo fuente and Romeo and Julieta cigars pair up nicely. I think the flavors match well. Love the reviews!

  • Craig

    I recently smoked this cigar in my B&M’s lounge. Tasted GREAT. When I got up to leave I about fell down. I hadn’t eaten all day and apparently it got me !!!

  • BCamara

    The only Hemingway I’ve had so far is the Short Story which I thoroughly enjoyed. Does anyone know if the others in the Hemingway line are similar in taste?

  • wcfennell

    I love these and the short stories. Whenever I’m going to smoke with my girlfriend I always choose either of the two because she smokes smaller flavored cigars. Any chance you could do a review on the maduro version? I’ll try and send you one if my local shop gets more of them in.

  • This is random, but I accidentally bought a box of these one time. It’s a long story lol

    • garlar10

      Sounds like a pretty good accident to me, lol

    • JJO

      Were you trying to buy a Hemingway anthology from Amazon while blotto?

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