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Saying Thanks!

by Bryan Glynn, April 11, 2011
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I want to say thank you to all the readers for helping the site grow as it has! We’re reaching an avg of over 1,500 unique viewers a day that grows every week, with almost 3,500 Facebook fans, 600+ Twitter Followers and YouTube video views that will top the 1/2 million mark shortly!

Also I want to thank all the supportive retailers and manufacturers that have worked with us over the years so far. They LOVE to hear from people when a cigar really hits home! It would be REALLY cool if you could all check out the list on the right and take a few seconds out of your day to click the links and give your favorite retailers a pat on the back and tell them you saw a review of their stuff here on Cigar Obsession. Feedback is VERY important to these guys, they live, eat, sleep and breath cigars and really appreciate consumer feedback!

Here’s to more good things coming in the future for Cigar Obsession!

  • thesmokingdeck

    Congrats on all the site’s success!

  • ProbateGeek

    And our thanks to you, Bryan. Where else can we go for such entertaining and objective reviews? Besides, I have come to love the phrase “… let it heat up, we’ll get into the first third and see how it develops…”


  • HappyTaro

    2nd to the comment above. Thanks for creating a great site. I visit this site everyday. Very fun and informative. Also, a great place to learn about new stix (well, new for me…).

    “Alright… let’s go get it cut up and start toasting…”

    • ProbateGeek

      I also gave that phrase some degree of consideration… 😎

  • JohnG

    Congratulations Bryan. A site of top quality indeed. Continued best wishes.

  • thecatch83

    Thanks Bryan, your efforts are a breath of fresh air in a cigar world filled with stale and insipid cigar reviews. Although at times, I find your reviews analogous with the TV show Motorweek, in that you rarely critique a free cigar and seem to enjoy 99% of the sticks you smoke, your site does fill a void for entertainment purposes! Keep up the good work!

    • I can understand why it would seem that way – BUT – it’s not. My review style is not to impart personal feelings, judgement or ratings (sometimes I can’t help it for a particularly good or bad stick though). I’m reviewing the cigars for what they are – not my opinion of if I like what they are. I would only purchase maybe 10% of what I have had – based on taste preference though not performance.

      It’s simply a fact that these days cigar construction and performance is REALLY good so it is actually rare to get something that doesn’t smoke well and warrants some negative comments from me.

  • apex1st

    Still diggin the site. I think you do an “excellent” job of quantifying and not qualifying. Thanks for all the effort!

  • 777xenos

    Bryan, the popularity of the site is testament to its fine quality and content. The precision of your reviews (and as indicated by the above comments, your consistency) allows the viewer to directly compare any stick with any other stick. Such quantitative approach is not found elsewhere – we can even date the videos from the tiki torch remains, like tree rings. Nuff said, great site.

  • 777xenos

    Almost forgot- the cigar art is superb. How many cigar reviewers are also professional photographers? That reminds me, one day you should feature “Classical Gas” as the musical number when you produce the video for a review.

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