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Saying Thanks!

by Bryan Glynn, April 11, 2011
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I want to say thank you to all the readers for helping the site grow as it has! We’re reaching an avg of over 1,500 unique viewers a day that grows every week, with almost 3,500 Facebook fans, 600+ Twitter Followers and YouTube video views that will top the 1/2 million mark shortly!

Also I want to thank all the supportive retailers and manufacturers that have worked with us over the years so far. They LOVE to hear from people when a cigar really hits home! It would be REALLY cool if you could all check out the list on the right and take a few seconds out of your day to click the links and give your favorite retailers a pat on the back and tell them you saw a review of their stuff here on Cigar Obsession. Feedback is VERY important to these guys, they live, eat, sleep and breath cigars and really appreciate consumer feedback!

Here’s to more good things coming in the future for Cigar Obsession!

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