CAO Gold Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 1, 2011
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CAO Gold Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×50 stick offers a medium tan soft wrapper with a fairly firm pack, small veins and good tight seams with a double cap. The aroma is a soft tobacco and slight pepper. First light reveals a perfect draw, lots of medium bodied smoke with very dry tobacco flavors, finishing a bit bitter. The first third develops to slightly sweet, oily, buttery leather flavors on the draw with a long finish of just the leather. Burn and draw are perfect putting out rich thick smoke. The 2nd third yields no changes, but the last third shifts from the creamy leather to a touch of licorice on the draw with a slightly sweet caramel with an deeper earthy finish and a bit of black pepper. Ending at the 1 hour mark, it proved to be a solid performer!

  • HappyTaro

    I haven’t had a CAO since the late 1990’s. I had issues each time I smoked them & stayed away from them since. I remember the burn on them is really strange and it often goes out on me. I also remember that when the burn became uneven (and I mean really uneven), the flavors were really strange (like “Bizarre Foods w/ Andrew Zimmern” strange).

    Maybe they gotten better and I should revist them… hmmm…

    • D-rod91

      I agree, CAO …their sticks r reputable, but ALWAYS a gamble- I have prob.’s w/ draw & burn 3 out of 5 i’d smoke …u may get a good one every now & again.. for the $ tho’ I’ll go w/ other choices anymore- nothing more disappointing than getting a stick u can’t really enjoy…no matter HOW good they’re suppose to be!

  • Bender50

    Not a fan of CAO cigars, but this one has been in your humidor for 2 years. Do you think that helped made this cigar so good ? and might it have not been so good had you smoked it back then? some thoughts on aging cigars?

    • I rarely notice much difference from actually aging them, but the oldest sticks I have left are only 3-4 years. The biggest difference is it can make them a bit smoother if they were too young and harsh to begin with.

  • steffanan

    This here is my favorite cigar. i would say that it maybe didnt have the perfect burn or anything, but its taste for me was something that was really enjoyable. I always keep a few of these sticks on hand to give to people as gifts for becoming 18, as i am 18 now and its happening quite a lot. great review on this one bryan!

  • new2sticks

    What a great cigar for a new smoker!! So glad I picked this one up. I’m even happier that I was able to pick up some of the same flavor profiles you described. Looks like this will be my first box as soon as I pick up a humidor! Thanks for the reviews Bryan.

  • lbrinson0002

    This is my favorite stick so far. I think I payed 6 bucks for one at the local tobacco shop. The burn, construction and flavors were great. And you might find this funny, but another stick with simular flavor, yet not as complex, that I’ve made my cheap stand by is the Quorum Shade Robusto the flavor on this stick is mild to med. and their only 2 bucks at the store, but I ordered on line and got them for 1.35 per stick. I would like to send one in for review if it wouldn’t get laughed at. I would recommend the Quorum shade, if you like the COA gold.

  • chris cole

    Smoked a few of these and was never let down. Always good but does get pretty warm in the second half.

  • stevenknisley

    You should review the CAO Gold Maduro. I just smoked one and it lasted exactly an hour. It has a perfect draw from beginning to end rich creamy smooth smoke coco and coffee flavors on draw and after taste bright white ash razor sharp burn down to the first band where I had to give it a minor touch up 35 minutes in at the halfway way point 45 minutes at the second band slight flavor change to mostly nutty but keeping the coco stayed cool to the very end ending at exactly 1 hour with about and 1 inch left of the nub a great smoke

    • mrdaveii

      I second this… I actually came to this review because the Gold Maduro is one of my fav cigars and wanted to see how close this review matched the Maduro.

      I bought a box of the Churchill’s and sadly I have never had (out of 4 I have smoked) had the time to smoke it down to the nub. Should have bought robustos…Will need to smoke it again now with my new cigar vernacular (thanks Bryan) and see if I match what your describing.

  • eric.hanson

    The CAO Gold is really an underrated stick IMO, great flavors and performance nd not too highly priced.

  • eat nate67

    just picked one of these up today can’t wait

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