Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 18, 2011
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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Cigar Review

This 4.8×50 stick hails from Cuba, offering a dark brown satin wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, a firm even construction and soft tobacco aroma. First light reveals a very oily grassy, hay flavor with a touch of woody bitterness. Smoke output is great along with the draw putting off thick rich smoke. The first third gives very smoothy creamy medium-full boded flavors of wood and nuts with tons of thick smoke output. Burn isn’t perfect but doesn’t need a touchup yet. The burn continues to be a bit wonky, but not needing a touchup. By the 1/2 way point 30 minutes in there were no flavors changes, only a good bit of strength buzz hitting me. Ending at 45 minutes the last third showed no changes. Thank you very much to our viewer Hagai all the way from Israel, I really appreciate you sending this in!

  • where do you get your cubans?

  • Um…already answered that above lol

  • Oh yeah i was to lazy to read.

  • Thumbs Up…..!

  • Danny

    Great review!
    Just bought one of these today, very curious about it.

  • D-BO


  • Orrza

    As someone who doesn’t live in the states and can get these easily, I can say this is one of my all time favorites!

    In Israel they go for ridiculous price of about 20$ (US) but I found these in Switzerland for about 7$. (sure I bought some)

  • Orrza

    I did try the HDM they sell in the states (rotchild if I am not mistaken…) and this is DEFINATELY a whole different blend.

    I’m sorry to say the US addition is just inferior to the flavor of the Cuban, but really.

  • wcfennell

    I can’t wait to try a cuban! This one seemed like something I’d like to try. I’m not put off by the strength, as for some reason it doesn’t affect me all that much even though I’m not a very experienced smoker.

  • Max_ITMO

    I bought one of these today,rolled in July 2013…I’ll let it rest for 1 month at least,think I’ll smoke it on New Year’s Eve

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