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Mar 10

How To Cut, Light & Smoke A Cigar

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2011 in Informational

How To Cut, Light & Smoke A Cigar

First of all a big disclaimer: everything stated here is my OPINION. As is EVERY other how to video on smoking, keeping, fondling, etc. cigars. If you disagree with any of my OPINIONS here, that’s cool. But I don’t care. I’m putting this info out there because I get multiple requests for it every week, so I want to help those looking for the info. I realize there are probably 100 other articles on it already, but I’m going to give my OPINIONS and talk about what I prefer.

Enjoy the video, but if you feel the need to tell me I’m ‘wrong’ about any of these OPINIONS, do everyone else a favor and keep it to yourself, or better yet, make your own video with your own OPINIONS. :)

  • wcfennell

    Awesome video, I really enjoyed the info about toasting the cigar.

  • phaedron

    So after watching week after week, month after month of cigar reviews, I suddenly came to the realization– this guy never expels smoke through his nose (the “retrohale”). Instead of just posting on some random review “How come you never retrohale,” I decided to take a look at this vintage video, and there’s the answer– starting around 14:00. So I’m giving myself a pat on the head for sleuthing it out. My pesonal preference is that about every other draw has a retrohale component. For me, it really adds an extra dimension to the flavor.

  • eric.hanson

    This is without a doubt the best video on the subject of cigar smoking I have ever seen! I couldn’t agree more about some people not getting the opinion part of cigar smoking too.

  • koolaid540

    good video i think well toasted my cigar more!


    First person to perfectly explain how to do this! Very Informational. Thanks

  •!/profile.php?id=100000529939931 Chris Tivnan

    I needed a basics refresher. So I came here.

  • eeebyjeeby

    I like how unbiased the whole video is, and how you leave it all up to the smoker. I’m glad to hear your OPINIONS as well because I agree with a lot that you spoke of. Cigars are a new love for me and they go so well with the single malt scotch that I drink! Thank you for your time and knowledge!

  • nice ash

    Thanks for the tip about “breathing”. I can not believe after many years of cigar enjoyment that I was holding my breath when taking a sustained puff. You have opened a whole new avenue of flavor enjoyment to me. I can taste flavors that I never have before, but I still do not have the ablitity to describe them in your poetic manner. Perhaps cigar aroma therapy should be created by you to educate the masses. Thanks.