ProClip Vehicle Mount & TomTom Navigation Dock Installation

by Bryan Glynn, March 6, 2011
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ProClip Vehicle Mount & TomTom Navigation Dock Installation

Following the introduction and unboxing video, this shows the installation and mounting of the ProClip vehicle mount and the TomTom dock, along with the power and phone connections. I also demo the operation and ease of use! Installation is very simple taking just a couple minutes as promised in the instructions. The quality of both units is very high, proving a rock solid base for any device to mount to. The TomTom unit especially is rugged and feels on par with any OEM equipment. Providing Bluetooth hands-free operation, an enhanced GPS receiver, mic and volume control plus external speaker the unit really adds great functionality to the iPhone not only as a navigation tool but as a phone as well. Get yours from! Photography by

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